The End Of The Semester Struggle As Told By 'American Horror Story'

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving & Christmas breaks are long and busy, filled with finals, projects, papers.

The work-load always takes you by surprise & you swear half of it wasn't even on the syllabus.

It's like all of our professors suddenly remember they have a job to do and lay it all on us at once.

Everything is due the same week and you prepare yourself to pull several all-nighters

But you must fight on.

After your first 24 hour streak of no sleep, you have to pep-talk yourself a little bit.

You're an adult, right? You can do this. It's only x amount of weeks, x amount of days, x amount of sleepless hours. This is what adulting is.

Eventually, you just can't take it anymore and if you see one more textbook, note card, or highlighter, you might just lose it.

Emotional outbursts are expected.

So, you do the responsible thing: take a Netflix break and binge eat some taco bell.

"Study?" You mean "tacos?"

Procrastination tacos are the best kind.

If you haven't been in love before, you are now.

After even an hour of procrastination, your grades are practically screwed.

You just have to accept it.

You finish your last final and the excitement is real.

You're just so proud of yourself for making it to the end.

When you find out you didn't actually fail everything, you're even prouder.

You know you shouldn't procrastinate next semester, but you also know you will probably do it all over again.

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