Ah, doesn't it seem like 2007 was just yesterday? It was a simpler time filled with Limited Too, the premiere of High School Musical 2, and ripping out magazine posters of Josh Hutcherson to put on your ceiling. The end of the school year was arguably one of the best times of year for every elementary school kid. Homework was easier, there were too many parties at school, and it finally meant you could start to stay up later at night. Everyone smelled like fresh grass and pre-pubescent sweat and we all couldn't be happier. Time to relive the end of the school year that every 2000s elementary school kid will remember.

End of the year = no. rules.

With only a week or so left of classes, both your parents and your teachers are tired of fighting you on the dress code. Your skirt definitely doesn't touch your fingertips, your Delia's graphic tee is definitely not allowed, and your open-toed sandals could basically get your suspended but everyone pretends to look the other way.

Point. Parties.

Extra recess

With the weather warming up and everyone suddenly getting too lazy to study Native Americans or the life cycle of a butterfly, teachers resorted to throwing everyone back on the playground for the afternoon.

Cleaning out your desk

By the end of the year, you've accumulated so much crap that your desk is essentially bursting at the seams. You find scented erasers, a library book, a note from your best friend, and that report that you lost a few weeks ago. Most of it ends up in the trash, but you decide to save your Lisa Frank folder for next year.

Report cards

Leave it to these bad boys to give you a premature heart attack. You hope that you passed gym and that your mom ignores the B- in math class.


All of your extracurriculars have completely run out of things to do because you don't have time to start anything new. You spend these classes playing freeze dance, bringing out the parachute or having "free draw" and at the end, you're sent home with a giant portfolio of all of your art projects and your heavy clarinet case that you promise to practice over the summer (you don't).

The VHS player

Your art teacher is over it and so is your regular teacher. Time is up so that means rolling in the beloved dinosaur of a TV set and popping in The Magic School Bus to pass the time

The mile

The worst part of the end of the school year. The sit and reach test was fine and you didn't even mind the sit-up test but the timed mile in gym class was your definition of hell. Your gym uniform shorts always rode up, the track seemed to never end and you always ran out of breath one lap in. You were always convinced you had asthma after completing this treacherous task.

Packing your lunch

Your mom is tired of making Pinterest worthy, healthy lunches and honestly, you're tired of eating them. Your lunch turns into a Lunchable and a juice box and you're definitely not complaining.

End of year assembly

Everyone loved assembly, it meant no class and time to sit next to your best friends in the big auditorium chairs. However, this assembly seemed to never end and usually was filled with handing out certificates to every student with honors and random awards that you didn't care to hear about.

Cheesy end of the year gifts

Don't even tell me your teacher didn't give you an end of year gift, that you probably threw out, with a related pun attached to it.

Summer reading lists

Your teachers probably told you how proud of you they are and how "ready and prepared" you are for next year. After sufficiently boosting your tiny ego, they pass out the summer reading assignment for next year. You immediately throw it out hoping your parents will assume you have no homework.

Field Day

The "golden hour" of the school year. Everyone shows up decked out in their team color and prepares to play random games outside all day to compete for their team. You love the competition and getting to be on a team with the cooler older kids. But the best part was 100% the treats you got at the end of the day (usually water ice or ice cream).

Signing yearbooks