The Emotions Released
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The Emotions Released

Part five of a series

The Emotions Released

I've been starting,


And re-re-starting,

The opening of this report of my inner thoughts,

Since last night,

Until i finally decided to forget about the introduction,

The flow,

The plot,

The body,

The conclusion,

I just let my fingers do the talking,

In any way whatsoever,

In the end I get to vent,

Sorry for the lack of venomous words,

I feel as if they won't be needed this time,

When I wake up to the massacre of my own heart,

The only answer that I had to offer, Was an ultimatum,

To the opposition side,

Reject it or tell me the truth,

If the answer is what I think,

I won't shed a tear,

No second thoughts,

No this is not an just a poem,

This isn't just my raw thoughts running unstructured,

But I will give a hint,

It has been proved,

That common sense is mostly uncommon,

The highs and the low,

Her "Royal highness" the opponent, Leader of the rebels,

She is a strategist,

A real acting dirty player,

Who will till the end of her days,

Manages to put on an act,

But she is not responsible for the massacre of my heart,

She may be able to form a rebellion,

But she does not expect the knowledge,

That the mercenaries sold me,

The anarchy started from strife,

My point is,

To wherever you may find an opening,

Fall back from the defensive maneuvers,

And begin the attack,

Bring out the prince's elite guards,

Give to each a portion of the nations army,

Call in the allies from the brain,

And make a stand,

Her "Royal highness" is clueless,

Powerless as she shall soon find out,

Having been brought up in royalty,

She shall find that my authority shall not fall,

This is second nature,

For she shall not leave this war unscathed,

Read the constitution of my heart,

Know the roles,

My obligations,

My rights,

My powers,

I am the one who controls my heart,

Not some foolish acting rebel,

Watch her uproar in action,

Be a leader,

My kingdom shall prosper,

Let not a foolish queen who inherited warriors,

Step foo inside of this mighty castle,

While her shine and beauty has lost so much value,

You still stand a chance,

Don't beg,

Don't cry or crawl,

Let her either accept the compromise,

Or tell her to make peace and leave,

Whatever it takes to repair the relationship,

Between your heart and mind,

This is long overdue,

But you need to stop this revolution she has in your emotions,

You fought for the constitution,

You have it,

You advocated for your own independence,

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