Natural Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Quadrant: 4th (Top Left)

House Type: Succedent Social

Represents: acquaintances, casual friends, groups, hopes and wishes, organizations

If the Tenth House is where you go out into the world, the Eleventh House is where you meet the world. Now that people know you’re around, it’s time to mingle and make some new friends. These friends are not the close companions of the Seventh House; they’re people who hang out with you every once in a while, old classmates and colleagues from the same school, or fellow members of the same organization. You may not trust each other with your deepest secrets, but you may have similar hopes and wishes. This is the house where you go from being an individual to being part of a larger whole. Here, you go from focusing on your own creativity and expression (the Fifth House; opposite from the Eleventh House) to focusing on what is good for the group. It’s associated with the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, as well as the planet Uranus, which progresses society by shaking things up. The Eleventh House is you in your society.

There are those friends with whom you form a strong and enduring bond. Then there are your peers, people whom you know and may call for a meet-up, but nothing more than that. You may be on the same sports team or sing in the same choir, or you may catch up with them at high school or college reunions. The types of acquaintances you have, your attitude towards these kinds of relationships and your role in these relationships is shown in your Eleventh House. Libra in the Eleventh House can reveal affection for casual friends, or a tendency to treat acquaintanceships like closer friendships. Mercury here can show that a person is most talkative with casual friends, or that they share more of their opinions with them than with other people. Having the Sun in Taurus in the Eleventh House can show a person who is popular in their community due to their calm, stable and patient nature.

The kinds of organizations you join, your specific role in those groups, and your attitude towards being in groups are revealed through the energies of this house. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you decide to do, you’re bound to be part of a group at some points in life or others. Very few goals can be fulfilled without cooperation and teamwork from others, no matter how independent you are. With Gemini in your Eleventh House, you are likely to join groups for social reasons, be the informative or talkative member in groups, or try to join multiple groups at a time. Jupiter here makes it likely for people to join especially large groups or have a positive attitude towards cooperation and teamwork. Pluto in Leo in the Eleventh House could be a person of high importance within his/her organization. Alternatively, a different person with the same combination could try to outshine the rest of the organization or become its dictator. It all depends on the rest of the chart.

More importantly, the Eleventh House shows your wishes and hopes and the ways in which you try to achieve them. We all have them. We all make and fulfill them in different ways and approach them in the ways we feel are best, or the ways to which we lean through habit. It doesn’t matter if you go for the big picture (Sagittarius), focus on the details (Virgo), or work to the bone to get them (Capricorn). Whether you’re strict about reaching them (Saturn) or give yourself a little freedom (Uranus), you carry them in your heart, just as everyone else does. Hopefully, one day, we can all use this commonality to come together and help each other reach our fullest potential.

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