The Eighth House: Fear of the Unknown
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The Eighth House: Fear of the Unknown

What the Eighth House represents in astrology

The Eighth House: Fear of the Unknown
Slender Finders Wiki

Natural Sign: Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Quadrant: 3rd (Top Right)

House Type: Succedent Secret

Represents: death, debt, inheritance, secrets, sex

The Eighth House deals with all the things we try to hide, things that we try to keep concealed from the public, the community, and even ourselves. It’s ruled by Scorpio—a sign that fears nothing—and Pluto, a (dwarf) planet directly associated with the underworld. We keep this house’s energies locked deep inside, only to share (if we do share) with those we trust most. We hate discussing death; we don’t even like to think about it most of the time. Our debts, wills, taxes, inheritances, and any other money we share and exchange is of no one’s concern but ours and that of others who are involved. Sometimes such money is even hidden away until it’s time to collect it. We keep our secrets and deepest needs private until they’re unbearable to handle. And, in all honesty, our sexual history is definitely no one’s business—usually kept between our partners and ourselves. The Eighth House is where we deal with our demons. It’s where we face our fears.

While this house’s opposite house—the Second House—represents money that we earn and keep for ourselves, the money matters of the Eighth House are more complicated. If you’ve ever been involved in a battle over an inheritance, you’ve been in Eighth House territory. If you’ve ever given or taken a loan, that’s the Eighth House, too. If you’re a financial advisor, banker, or bill collector, your work is all about this house. It also applies to you if you have joint finances with your spouse. Taurus in this house will give you stability in these matters, whereas Pisces here can make things a little murky. Venus here often brings good news in this area, or a willingness to deal with other’s money. Having Uranus in this house will bring sudden ups and downs with joint finances, loans, taxes, and inheritances. Mars in Capricorn in the Eighth House can make someone especially ambitious here, maybe through investments.

Although the Eighth House rules what we don’t reveal to others, your attitude towards concealment depends on what’s in this house. Not everyone feels uncomfortable with the “taboo,” and some people love nothing more than to explore the touchier parts of life. And the sign and any planets located in this house show exactly what you can’t, yet must, face. With Leo here, self-expression may be avoided for one reason or another. Aquarius here can make a person afraid of showing their brand of “oddness,” for fear of being rejected. Mars can make someone unafraid of things that make other people cringe, such as blood and gore. Jupiter can make someone’s beliefs come off as unappealing or controversial to most of society. Gemini moon here can show someone who’s emotionally inquisitive when it comes to the prohibited.

Death in the natal chart is seen with mild controversy in the astrological community. Some have no problem with it, others rather avoid it, and many people believe that you can’t see it simply with the natal chart alone1. Nonetheless, some have correlated the sign and planets in the Eighth House to different types or manners of death. Personally, I’d advise you not to take these correlations seriously, as death in the natal chart (if it can be seen there at all) is a lot more complicated than just having a certain sign or planet there. With the natal chart, a lot goes into not only death, but every single part of life. With Scorpio here, the cause of death can be mysterious in nature, or the person may die when (s)he’s alone. With Aries here, death can be related to the head or brain, or can occur because the chart holder’s recklessness. Saturn in the Eighth House is often correlated with having a very long life. With Sagittarius moon in the Eighth House, death might occur while the chart holder is traveling with family. It might. It doesn’t mean people with this placement should never travel with their family, for fear of dying. The aforementioned causes of death are nothing more than guesses and should only be taken out of curiosity, not as the rule. There is a reason why the Eighth House is about the Unknown.

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1More complicated methods are used to see possible causes of, ages at, and circumstances surrounding death.

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