It's no secret that a lot of us young adults still love the Disney Princesses. Heck, I have a whole playlist dedicated to my favorite Disney songs that I belt out while on the road (sometimes, almost causing an accident due to the fact that I go all out). But, I think what I love most about the Disney Princesses, is that we can all relate to one of them and that we each have a favorite. However, it can lead to a debate about which Disney Princess is the best. So, I've decided to compile a list of my favorite Disney Princesses.

Even if you absolutely hate Disney and their capitalist regime, you still have your own favorites.

1. Belle


A favorite amongst English majors and bookish folks, Belle is the princess I identify most with (shocking, I know). We're both stubborn and considered outcasts in our respective societies but we care deeply for our friends and loved ones and have a gentle disposition. I think the reason why Belle stands out as a favorite for many Disney fans is for the reason that she kind of "broke the mold" for most Disney Princesses. She was only the second Princess to come out of the Disney Renaissance era but she left a big mark on our childhoods.

2. Cinderella


Some of you might be shocked to see Cinderella as one of my top favorites, considering all of the flack she gets. Cinderella is often thought of as a weak and watery character, which is actually far from the case. She's an imaginative, practical, and spirited young woman who does what she can in order to survive in an abusive household. She's not even saved by the Prince at the end of the film; she rescues herself with the help of her animal friends. If you believe Cinderella to be the weak and watery character that society tells you she is, feel free to put on your location because I'm coming to brawl.

3. Aurora/Briar Rose


Yet another Disney Princess you might be surprised to see ranked so highly. Princess Aurora/Briar Rose doesn't get a lot of love, which I understand. She doesn't have very many lines or a lot of screen time since she spends half of it sleeping (hence, "Sleeping Beauty"). But, I absolutely love the art style of "Sleeping Beauty", making it high on my list. I also feel like Aurora is a bit more refined Disney Princess. She's quite graceful and elegant and has a regal air to her movements, which can be attributed to the real-life model on which she was based. She definitely deserves more love than she gets.

4. Ariel


One of my childhood favorites, Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" began what is known as the Disney Renaissance. She was a different kind of princess who deviated from the normal formula set forth by the three classic ladies from the past. She was much more outspoken and "stronger" than those that came before her. She's also quite curious and imaginative, making her yet another favorite amongst devotees. Her attraction at the Magic Kingdon (Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid) is not to be missed and is a faithful ride adaptation of the film.