Working full-time has its perks, especially if you love your job, but as you get older and start doing more adult things, you realize how precious time is. Your life becomes a little routine and you get home and all you want to do is eat, get in bed, and fall into the black hole that is Netflix.

If you're struggling with being an adult and working full time, you're not alone. One of the best characters from TV that would relate to this would be Winston from "New Girl."

Here are 13 signs you're barely making it as an adult as told by Winston:

1. When someone asks you to hang out during the week after working a long 8 hour day

2. Crying every Sunday night because the next day is Monday

3. Spending all of your paycheck on snacks from the vending machine


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4. You feel obligated to prove that you're an adult to people younger/older you

5. People younger than you come to you for advice when they start to get a taste of the adult life

6. And then they start complaining like you do and now you have something to bond over


7. You're getting to the age where you no longer settle just to get into a relationship

8. You start to practice self-care

9. You're on your third emotional breakdown today

10. You have so much to do but you're physically and mentally exhausted and trying to force your brain to shut off for a bit

11. You've gone on so many interviews that you're burnt out and not really sure how to sell yourself

12. Someone starts telling you about dieting and you're like

13. You struggle with how to spend your free time