15 Different Reactions You Get When You Have Type One Diabetes

15 Different Reactions You Get When You Have Type One Diabetes

Living with type one diabetes receives a lot of different reactions.

Hailey Ross

I have numerous health conditions... like more than a person can count on two hands. The biggest struggle, though, is living with Type 1 Diabetes. I've had it since I was four- years-old. Whenever I meet someone new in my life, I like to tell them just as a precaution. Whether it be someone flipping out on me or comparing me to someone in their family, here are just a few of the reactions I get when I tell people I have Type 1 Diabetes.

1. "My Grandma has that."

2. "My dad is really fat so that's why he has it."

3. "Oh my gosh, you can't have ice cream!?!?"

4. "That sucks."

5."Do people think you are shooting up heroin instead of insulin?"

6. "That means you have to have salad every day and no carbs."

7. "I could never live with diabetes."

8. "My grandpa has it."

9. "My aunt has it."

10. "My great great grandma has it."

11. "My uncle has it."

12. "My mom got her toes cut off because of it."

13. "Yo, can I try some insulin?"

14. "I can't live without chocolate."

15. "You have to be on a special diet right?"


As shown above, there are many different reactions people say when saying the word "diabetes". I know I've hung out with different family and friends, and more then likely they all react with the same expressions. Living with diabetes is certainly not easy, but I managed my way through with the help of laughing at crazy things people say about it. The best one was someone asking me if they would catch it if they shared a milkshake with me. People say the craziest things!

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