I'm trying to hold onto the boat

I resist jumping out when the water comes flooding in

I know that eventually, I have to let go

I have to save my own skin

But still here I am

Aboard a sinking ship

Still here I am

Holding onto what was once a relationship

For some reason I won't let go

Not for the life of me

I know it's a sinking boat

That only I can save me

Fear tightens its rope

I look into the dark depths

Deep, black, and endless

My heart pounds in my chest

I panic, gasping for breath

The ships still going down

I try not to lose hope

Otherwise I'll drown

At the last second I finally leap

Only to discover the depth of my fear

The water's only waist-deep

The deep and endless depths of before are no longer here

Originally posted on my blog, rithimuspoeta.blogspot.com