The Definitive Hotness Ranking Of Cornell Presidents

While we all know Cornell is the hottest school out there, can the same be said for our Presidents? These sexy leaders have been awakening our thirst since 1865, with a few failing to hit the mark. Here’s the official ranking of the hottest presidents of Cornell.

13. Jeffrey S. Lehman

Has Tinder for “a sociological experiment.”

12. James Alfred Perkins

Owns a backpack with wheels to impress the ladies.

11. Dale R. Corson

Only texts you at 4am, “wyd?”

10. Frank H. T. Rhodes

Stays in the library on Slope Day

9. Hunter R. Rawlings III

Trill and chill please?

8. Andrew Dickson White

Dickson? More like DAMN son.

7. Livingston Farrand

The moustache that awakened all our thirsts.

6. Jacob Gould Schurman

The brooding, sexy professor everyone crushes on.

5. Deane Waldo Malott

He calls this the smoulder.

4. Edmund Ezra Day

Well hello there, Emund Ezra BAE.

3. David J. Skorton

Say no more.

2. Charles Kendall Adams

The original lumbersexual.

1. Elizabeth Garrett

Her smile will make you forget about those four prelims you just failed.

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