The Definite Ranking of Holidays
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The Definite Ranking of Holidays

Happy holidays!

The Definite Ranking of Holidays

As the holiday season comes to a close, it's nice to look back and revaluate the best and worst of each holiday and establish a definite ranking of the best holidays.

1. Hanukkah/Christmas

To me, it is practically indisputable that any holiday could be ranked about Hanukkah or Christmas. I mean this time of the year is literally known as "the holiday season." There is significant religious value behind each of these holidays, the food that goes along with each is impeccable, and who can complain about the gifts? Of course the one downside would be inevitably too many expectations. When you know gifts are in the equation, it is hard to stay levelheaded about anything, which lends to disappointment. However, aside from that one factor, that's easy to combat, Hanukkah and Christmas take the cake for the best holidays.

2. Thanksgiving

A close, close second. In fact, if Christmas and Hanukkah didn't have gifts involved, Thanksgiving would probably sneak it's way into first place. Food, food, and more food... what could be better than that? Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffed mushrooms, and that's probably not even half of it. Aside from the delicious food, for college students it's the first time seeing your home friends since the semester started, which adds immensely to the excitement. Besides the massive food baby afterwards, no major cons here.

3. Halloween

Everyone loves dressing up and partying. You have the option to dress simple, if you didn't have a lot of prep time: cats, cops, robbers, will always be in style. Of if your feeling creative, you can keep up with pop culture and be something that is relevant to today: Harley Quinn or the Justin Bieber "Sorry" music video dancers. Either way there are seldom more fun things than dressing up for a night, especially if a costume competition is included. When you get older, candy is traded in for partying and I would hardly count that as a con.

4. New Years Eve

There are so many good things about this holiday, like how it's practically an excuse to party, you get to let go of the bed, bring in the good, and celebrate with whom you love most. A kiss at midnight may sound cheesy, but a fun tradition nonetheless. Con: wearing sparkles.

5. Independence Day

I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes everyone love this holiday, but it definitely is a favorite. Although monumental, I'm not sure how frequently people truly think about the historic value behind the holiday. Maybe it's the fireworks or maybe the red, white, and blue colored jello shots? Either way, we love to celebrate it. Whether you're sitting by the pool barbecuing or out partying, there's no wrong way to enjoy the 4th of July. Besides maybe getting too sunburn in the middle of the summer, I don't see any negatives here.

6. St. Pattie's Day

Even if you're not Irish, it is definitely a fun holiday. Especially if you are celebrating at your college, or I guess Ireland would be pretty cool too. The Americanized St. Pattie's Day pretty much revolves around drinking, (apparently like every holiday) which typically makes it one to look forward to. Con: green. No one likes green.

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