There are some classes that I truly wish I would have taken in high school to learn about how to handle different problems and scenarios in my life. There are so many lessons I have learned since leaving high school 3 years ago and I am sure there will be more to be learned. I learned some useful information in school, but looking back learning how to graph a polynomial function, or perform science experiments, or write a paper in pointless MLA format that isn't used in college or everyday life was not what I should have been taught.

There are a few classes I took in college that I think would be useful for people in their everyday lives. Sociology and Psychology are really useful at learning the way people work as an individual and how society works. These classes help people learn to deal with people and why people act the way they do. Sociology teaches people how society is developed and how cultures are formed and how they work. Psychology can teach a person about mental illnesses and learns how people develop and become the humans they are. There are so many different types of these classes that focus on children and adults becoming the people they are and how it affects each other and the society they live in.

Statistics is another class I found useful because it can be used in everyday life and many jobs and careers utilize it every day. People learn the chances and opportunities for events occurring in everyday life. However, I think some algebra can help people in some jobs, but many math classes are only beneficial for certain careers. Students can also learn some helpful English skills to learn how to read and analyze what they read. People read all the time and it is a necessity to be successful in every career.

I really feel that kids should learn how to get a job and find their career because it is hard to figure out what a person wants to do with their life and kids are pressured to go to college. Most kids do not get a job or how to prepare for the interview process. Kids should be prepared for the rest of their lives and how to be confident in getting a job. I do not know many college kids who can sit down and do their taxes or fill out a check. I,as a college kid, struggle sometimes to budget my money and save it due to bills and personal spending. some kids also have no idea how to cook or manage a house on their own. These are some of the examples of some of the big useful skills kids should be taught when they become adults and leave high school.

I feel kids should be taught normal everyday subjects, but eventually, every subject comes to a point where the class is hard for students and they will never need to know it for their life, but every human should learn to cook, budget money, and so many more tasks. Not everyone student will have a family or support group to show them how to do some of these things, and some of their parents may not be able to perform these tasks themselves. College and trade schools give kids the opportunities to choose their path at school and take classes that will provide them knowledge to be successful in their career and their everyday lives. People must be successful outside of their career because there is not always going to be someone to take care of them or explain problems to them, so these are important for our schools to look into.