Netflix's 'The Circle' Is The Most Lovable Reality Show On TV
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ALERT: 11 Reasons Netflix's 'The Circle' Is The Most Unexpectedly Lovable Reality Show On TV


ALERT: 11 Reasons Netflix's 'The Circle' Is The Most Unexpectedly Lovable Reality Show On TV

If you haven't binged Netflix's new original reality show, "The Circle," what are you waiting for?

At first glance, "The Circle" may seem like just another trashy competition show, but this one hits different. Every episode will have you hooked to your screen.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with "The Circle," and no matter which one gets you to start watching, you won't be sorry you did.

1. The players grow to feel like your best friends.

Each contestant is SO different, but they all become close in the end and really love each other, and you can't help but love them too.

2. The challenges are so much fun to watch and participate in.

From trivia to cake decorating, there is never a dull moment in "The Circle."

3. The entire show is actually a thoughtful commentary on how we portray ourselves on social media.

All of the contestants are shaping themselves into a character in "The Circle," whether intentionally or not, reminding viewers that no one is exactly as they appear online.

4. Joey

Your first impression of Joey will completely evolve as the season goes on. The biggest "bro" in the game is also the biggest sweetheart.

5. It sends a strong message that being yourself is always best.

Some people come into "The Circle" expecting to win by pretending to be someone more conventionally attractive, but they are all far more likable as themselves.

6. Shooby

He comes into the game hating on social media and the world of "influencers," but he ends up being the most influential out of everyone.

7. The host says everything you're thinking.

Her commentary throughout the episodes will make you laugh every time.

8. Joey and Shooby's epic bromance

These two will be friends forever.

9. Each contestant's look, despite them being totally alone the entire time, is iconic.

Shoutout to Seaburn's slippers and Chris' incredible makeup.

10. The apartments they live in will give you major decor inspo.

Brb, purchasing that beachy palm wallpaper in Shooby's apartment for my room.

11. The loyalty between contestants runs deep.

The original contestants protect each other, and it's beautiful to watch.

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