We all know who the Kardashians are and if you don’t, you must be living under a rock. People across the globe have become emotionally attached to the family. They’re real, honest, hard workers and people want to be them.

When rumors spread, the entire world wants to know.

I am personally not a die-hard Kardashian fan, but I appreciate the lives they’ve built for themselves and the ambition that each of them has. I read magazines and scroll the internet like it’s my job, so I’m up to date on almost every celebrity scandal. I’ve followed the hardships Khloé has conquered, and I’ve always related to her most.

Tristan Thompson has allegedly cheated on the very pregnant, smart and wonderful Khloé Kardashian. I have a few words to say about this and a few directed towards Tristan himself.

First I would like to say that my heart goes out to her. I can’t imagine the pain she must be feeling during what should be such a special time. No one deserves this kind of heartache.

After so much trauma in the world, we as people find solace in entertainment and in this case, reality TV. We all became invested in their relationship, having full faith that their love would conquer all, (isn’t that what we all want) and now Tristan comes and crushes those dreams that not only Khloé had, but all of us as well.

Tristan, I was rooting for you. We all were. Watching someone in the limelight show such immense love and passion for someone and turning around and completely betraying them is crushing. You were supposed to be a role model, a figure for people to look up to.

After seeing what Khloé went through with Lamar, she deserved someone better. She deserved a king who would protect her from harm's way. We all thought you were that, as you flaunted to the world the love you supposedly held so close.

The Kardashians are considered to be the royal family of America, and you became apart of that family. You were famous, yes. But you skyrocketed to fame because you are tied to one of the most popular figures in America. Is it because you were with a strong woman surrounded by a powerful family and you felt the need to become “more of a man”?

Did you think about the consequences? Not just from your family, from Khloé and her family, but the outside world? How do you suppose that young men view your actions?

Those who are impressionable and looking up to you will see the way you treat women.Those who don’t have great role models at home may think that this is just what successful men do. You set such a great example of how men should treat women. You had it all. What provoked you to go out and look for more? Did you feel any guilt? Did you think about your unborn daughter?

I just want you to know Tristan, that you’re in for a world of hell. Not only do you have the Kardashian family lining up to castrate you one by one, but you have the entire world mortified at your actions.

For me, this hits home. I fell in love, and I fell hard, eventually shattering from that fall and building myself up back up to the best version of myself I have ever been. I am not happy that it happened, but I’m thankful for the changes I went through as a result.

Now, every cheating situation is different. Some couples get stronger, others part ways. People change and become better, and some stay the same. I do not have an opinion on what actions Khloé should take from here on out because it's her life and her decision. Because honestly, no one knows a relationship better than the two people who are in it.

The truth is, the confusion is overwhelming. The conflict between what you think versus what everyone else around you thinks is sickening. The fight between your heart and your brain is even worse. And then you begin to wonder, what happened, where was I? How was I so oblivious to this happening?

At the end of the day, these questions don’t matter. It’s what you do from here on out that does. All I know is that Khloé is going to thrive more than ever before. If you have yet to see what she is capable of, watch out world.