What's All The Buzz About Bumble?
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What's All The Buzz About Bumble?

Bumble is what I would definitely call a buzz word. Well, I would call it that if I were trying to make two bad puns before I even got to the story -- which I'm not. So I'll start by asking to you think of that bumble ambassador you know. Come one, we all know at least one. So what is the deal? What is the hype? Why is bumble special? What do ambassadors stand for? In this interview, Brooke Wilczweski, Bumble Social Media Director answers all that and more.

Disclaimer: Bumble is inclusive to people of all genders and sexualities. This interview does not touch on that much because it is outside of the scope of experience of the interviewee but the platform is a place for EVERYONE.

What's All The Buzz About Bumble?

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview girl boss, uw student, and Bumble social media director: Brooke Wilczweski. Through our interview, I learned that Bumble is different than any other dating site. It stands for more than just hook-ups and one night stands and empowers women while engaging in social change. So let's get into it!

How does Bumble empower women?

When asked this question, Brooke lit up, like it was the question she was waiting to answer. She started off, by explaining to me that Bumble started with four female employees. They started Bumble to create an environment that gives all people (specifically women) the power to create what they want in a relationship and to destroy the damsel in distress narrative.

Brooke went on to say "It allows women to make the first move" (once you match with someone, the woman has 24 hours to reach out to her match before they unmatch giving her the power). "It's about equal opportunity" she said. Giving women access to a platform where they can be in charge rather than the normalized platform where there is often stigma and gender stereotypes around women making the first move.

Beyond that, Brooke mentioned that Bumble gives back to women and participates in philanthropy to empower them - more on that later.

What sets Bumble apart from other "dating sites"

Well, Brooke explained to me, Bumble isn't just a dating site. Sure, there's Bumble date where you can look for a lifelong love, a one night stand, or whatever it is you're looking for - no judgement. But, have you heard of Bumble Bff? Ok, maybe you already know that you can use bumble to find gal pals in your area.

Say you already knew about the friend finding version of the site, I bet you haven't heard of Bumble Bizz. Cute right? Well, Bumble Bizz takes it to the next level and changes Bumble from a dating platform for a networking platform. Get out your LinkedIn headshot and head over to Bumble Bizz if you're looking to network with young professionals. It's nice to see Bumble trying to make its platform inclusive for people looking for all different things.

What do you do as Bumble's Social Media Director?

I had to ask about Brooke's position. I mean, what a grown-up sounding title! As Social Media Director, Brooke says she connects with social media within the UW Community. She works to integrate Bumble into the UW Campus. In addition, the Social Media Director is responsible for facilitating Bumble's Snapchat, Instagram, and social media presence. Overall, Brooke says, she wants to create an environment condusive to social communities all over campus.

Can you share a story of a time people met on Bumble?

Yesss! One story Brooke shared with me, was that of a boy and girl that matched on Bumble. Ok wait, it's not what you think. So, the girl saw in his profile that the boy had the same taste in music as her (awh). She decided to swipe right and he did the same. Once they got to talking, they realized they had some major friend chemistry. So no, they didn't fall and love and end up dating. But they are living happily ever after as good friends while jamming out to some even better tunes.

You mentioned that Bumble's work extends beyond the app, can you elaborate on that?

Well, Brooke explained, Bumble hopes to empower girls and women in every way they can. One way they decided to do that recently was by teaming up with Gen G to create the first all female fortnight team, Team Bumble.

Bumble is also involved in other philanthropy work by hosting events. They have bff trivia nights, meet ups, you name it!

Lastly, they promote women through helping make the resources available to them that they need to succeed. They repost articles on their social media such as this empowering New York Times article.

So, lastly why is Bumble a good fit for UW?

Bumble is a strong and supportive community - which would fit right in at UW. She explains how UW has many niches but Bumble is a diverse community to which everyone can belong. Bumble she says, is a good way to get your footing on campus and find somewhere to belong.

So, maybe that was stuff you already knew, but I hope you learned at least one new thing. Ok kiddos, let's get to swiping!

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