I was talking on the phone to my sister last night about college. She's a junior, so it's that time for her to start looking into and visiting where she wants to spend 4 years of her life. This took me back to when I was in her shoes, trying to figure out which college was the perfect fit for me. While I've only been at the University of Georgia for a little over 7 months, I can honestly say, for me, it's the best school out there.

The community here is unmatched. Many high school students turn away from going to a big school because they think that the school and classes will be impersonal, which is understandable. I even thought about this. But, it's not at all like that here. As far as classes go, I only have one class with around 90 people in it but other than that, all my classes have between 20-30 people. All of my professors are more than happy to help, as long as you show some effort. On campus, I see people I know at least once a day, more often multiple times a day. In fact, I got on the bus the other day and ended up seeing two very close friends.

I have had so many amazing opportunities from coming here. I'm in a sorority (go Gamma Phi Beta!), I have an internship, I'm involved in several different groups/clubs, all while receiving a great education. Most of these opportunities just "fell in my lap". Plus, the campus itself provides so much, from a gym to dining halls, it's basically it's own little bubble.

Being from South Georgia, UGA is just close enough I could go home on the weekend but also far enough for me to be independent.

Plus, "Saturday's in Athens" are like no other. I've been a Georgia fan my whole life but being a student here takes it to a whole new level. Like now, I'm personally invested in this school so you can bet, every Saturday in the fall (and some of the winter), I will be cheering on the Dawgs. #nattybound2019

I'm not trying to downgrade any other school by any means. I have friends at other schools that love it there & it fits for them. But for me, "there is no tradition more worthy of envy. No institution worthy of such loyalty as The University of Georgia" (Larry Munson). Go Dawgs!