is a safe haven for gamers to watch their favorite players stream video games. People watch for many different reasons. The personalities, the gimmicks, the games, and the music; but there is one thing all twitch lovers hold near and dear to their heart, memes. The twitch chat is rife with them and the streamers meme almost constantly on stream also, but the pinnacle of these come out on the YouTube stream highlights when their underpaid editors get a crack at their overlord's hours of uncut footage. Memes vary between games and since I only watch League of Legends streamers, I will be focusing on these, here are some of my favorite twitch memes of this year.

1. Kermitting Suicide

This is the perfect situational meme for when you've just completely messed up and just want the game and your life to be over.

2. Typewriter Kermit

Another quintessential Kermit the Frog meme, this one is the embodiment of twitch chat or your raging teammates.

3. Boosted by Xiaoweixiao

A meme based off the infamous pro-player, XiaoweiXiao that boosted players into higher ranks, whenever you do something boosted you can just photoshop XiaoweiXiao's face onto the mistake or your face and everything is fixed.

4. Boosted Bonobo

A term popularized by nightblue3, it is usually a term given to a player that is playing like an actual monkey, associated with the Xiaoweixiao meme. We all have at least one of these on our team a game.

5. 3rd favorite streamer - Dyrus

Some memes really are random and this one spawned from a random donation on his stream and violently spiraled out of control. Dyrus will now forever be known as everyone's third favorite streamer.

6. Free Tyler1

After Tyler1 got perma-banned for his toxicity this twitch chat meme came to save the day and is still one of the most spammed things in all league of legends twitch rooms. Keep on spamming, we'll get our alpha back someday.

7. The Golden Kappa

The Kappa is the most common twitch emoji thrown around and most might not even notice it anymore, but the legend of the Golden Kappa is paramount. Only one user a month can have it and streams will often give preferential treatment to the one bearing this golden sign from the gods.

8. Run It Down Mid

Another meme made popular because of the amazing Tyler1, it is when you just give up and start running down mid over and over till your team loses. This will usually get you banned, but we all know we're guilty of doing this at least once. Buy those tears and mobi boots and run my child, run.

This year had many great memes and these were just some of my favorites. What are yours, did I miss anything huge?