The Best Reasons To Love Someone
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The Best Reasons To Love Someone

A list developed over time.

The Best Reasons To Love Someone

People overthink love nowadays. "HOW will I find someone to be with?" people wonder. "When? And How will I know when?" We seem to think that love has a specific formula or at least a rhyme or reason to it.

But consider this: Maybe love isn't about just seeing and knowing love when you have it but also actively searching for reasons to love someone and seeing what happens from there. Here are the top 10 reasons I've found to love someone.

They Love You.

When someone puts you above anyone and everyone else, that's special. When someone sees you and instantly knows they would want to be with you and only you, that's special. That's genuine. You can't force that. You can't earn it. You can't create it or predict it. But that's what makes it so beautiful.

They Leave You No Reason to Doubt Them.

You got 99 issues but trust ain't one. All those moments full of stress, uncertainty and paranoia... Nonexistent. What a paradise, what a heaven. All because whenever doubt tries to creep in, they do whatever it takes to shoo it away. Sounds like a basic, common sense standard, right? Well, we see this one get thrown out the window a lot.

You Feel Like It.

I love him... But do I really? Should I? Just let yourself. Unless your doubt comes from who they are in which case you've already answered your own question. Innocent until proven guilty by their actions; that about sums it up.

They Really Know You.

Somebody who knows your wants and needs and the reasons behind them is hard to find. If they get to know the way you function and what makes you tick, that means they pay you a lot of attention. That's better than what anyone else can give you. Whenever you're upset or stressed, they're right there to know how to fix it.


What would your mother think? I mean really, if you pose this question before any life decisions, can you really make a tragic mistake? I think not.

You See Yourself in Them.

Similar values, similar thought processes... A similar approach to life. That's how you get sh*t done as a team. That's what a relationship is, a 2-person team.

They're Understanding

As well as they may know you, you've always got a surprise in store for your significant other. There's so much going on in your head, they can't possibly follow it all. But when your map of a situation is different from theirs, they're willing to have a second look and consolidate the two.

Lead by Example.

This world could use more love. It could use a lesson or two on what it means to really care about someone. Give it that lesson. We love our math, our writing and our science. But our emotional IQ's are suffering nowadays.

Love is a Mirror.

Be there for them no matter what. Help them where they need it. Love them endlessly. Because they want to do the same; they just might need a reason first.

Just to Love Them.

Blind love. It's that simple. It shouldn't be the first step in any relationship, but it is the ultimate in showing how much you care. You love them because you've come to learn they deserve it, and circumstances don't change that.

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