To The Friends That Became Family
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To The Friends That Became Family

Not quite our average handwritten letters, but we’re not the average family.

To The Friends That Became Family
Tyler Holmes

Dear Miranda and Tyler,

Not quite our average handwritten letters, but we’re not the average family.

Grateful. That’s the first word that appears in my mind when I ponder my life’s journey with you two thus far. Who would have thought we’d come this far? No longer submersed in our preconceived notions of each other. I have radically changed in your perception. Originally, I was the girl in which you hated. Now, I have transformed into someone that you call family. I would not want it any other way. In fact, I’m so incredibly thankful.

For over two years, you both have graced my life with your presence. Three unique and substantially different human beings linked together with a bond unlike anything previously experienced. Although, it was not always this way. I can remember a time when the pettiness of high school wrote the novel of our lives for us. We held a notion of each other distinctly absurd from the truth. Overall, we misunderstood one another.

However, it was not long until we challenged our beliefs. I extended a kind hand towards Miranda and the rest of the puzzle began to assort itself. Not long after, Tyler followed suit with Miranda’s acceptance. Onward, the rest is history (a creation of adventures we’ll one day share from the restraints of a nursing home). But until then, inside jokes and secrets they will remain!

In the meantime, I cannot express enough how great a pleasure it has been to be your friend. Furthermore, the honor of becoming a member of our own little family. In truth, nobody truly understands the bond that us three share. In all honesty, I wouldn’t if not for my involvement. Because at the end of the day, our friendship should not make sense. It seems to defy every law of friendship and family ever created. Your hearts ached at the thought of me. The pure mention of my name fueled hundreds of negative ideas. Brooke began to yield a connotation of low standing. However, here we are.

Somewhere along the way, we diminished the perception of the words whispered in our ears. Rather than accept our predetermined rivalry, we challenged it. I believe that we knew a greater opportunity was beyond the lies. Deep in our souls, we recognized our destined family.

Although our family link does not run in our blood, it powers our hearts. Our innate family is the mechanism for our survival. We rely so heavily on one another – for feelings of heartbreak, unworthiness, and joy. Never are we alone when we have one another. Consistently, we are intertwined with the infinite presence of each other’s guiding hand and warm embrace. Despite the absence of physical company in certain instances, our unconditional support feels the void. Superior to the influences of our peers, we possess the knowledge that our friendship is more extensive than a shallow surface. To us, that’s all that matters. Perhaps, this is the theme of our family. We isolate faulting views from the relationship that we share. Rather than relying on false truths, we whole-heartedly trust in one another.

We are not a typically or conventional family, but in truth, I wouldn’t desire it any other way!



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