After years of hating myself and my size I chose to love myself how I am. The process was hard and long but worth it in the end.

For years in high school, I would look in the mirror and wonder why couldn't look or feel attractive like the other girls. I would wonder why I did not have a boyfriend and think if I was just prettier I would have one. I began to believe what guys and others said about me. I not only did I feel unpretty but I believed I was as well. And because I felt and believed this I started carrying myself this way.

I would walk down the hallway and keep to myseelf. I limited my friends to a few and didn't talk to anyone else. I hated myself and acted like it.

My junior and senior year I really got into makeup and did not believe that I could go to school without foundation and mascara on at least. This made me feel as if I could show my face and be more confident and talk to people. I now realize that I shouldn't have been covering up what was there but enhancing what I have. But then I was all about becoming another person,another face that I did not hate.

I hated my eyes because they were small and ugly brown. I hated my lips there were to tiny in my mind. Basically the only thing I liked on my body was my boobs and I showed them off way more than I am proud of in low cut shirts.

One day I just realized it was like a lightbulb went off that I needed to love myself and see myself how people see me. As a beautiful,caring,loving women. I was no longer that ugly duckling from high school and didn't need to carry myself this way. I did not need to show my body off to feel pretty. I learned how to do my makeup so that I enhanced my features and not cover up. I fell in love with my eyes that bounce the light off in amazing good ways and realized my lips were just fine. I stopped nit picking myself apart. I carried myself better and taller.

My advice to anyone facing this issue is to stop. You are simply amazing beyond what you see. Stop putting yourself down. Some day you will find people who will see your wonderful. Until then show people your wonderful.