The Best Cake Icing You will ever Eat
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The Best Cake Icing You will ever Eat

So good it's as if your grandmother made it

The Best Cake Icing You will ever Eat

When it comes to food I can be quite picky sometimes whether it be the texture of the food weirds me out or the after taste is just plain awful. I'm even picky when it comes to desserts. Yes. Desserts of all things. How can anybody resist the warmth and comfort of warm apple turnovers or the sweet indulgence of chocolate cake? Believe me, I love chocolate cake as much as the next person, but the icing can really make-or-break it no matter how delectable the cake is on its own.

Like most grandmothers, my grandma was all for home-cooking. Usually everything was homemade--even her desserts. One particular treat I adored of hers was a devils food cake with this light, buttery icing that really doesn't have a name. It became such a favorite in my household, we just refer to it as "that fluffy white icing". I don't know if this unnamed recipe was her original concoction or if she had found it somewhere in an old cook book but it is hands down the best cake icing I've ever eaten. It's light, perfectly sweet, and fluffy like a little golden retriever puppy.

Unfortunately, my grandma had passed away back in 2007, but luckily we took it upon ourselves to photocopy the original recipe she had written down. 10 years later I want to share this amazing yet simplistic recipe for all you foodies (and picky-eaters) to enjoy.

The best part about this cake icing it doesn't require many ingredients, and preparation is very easy. It's as follows:

(I don't make the cake from scratch. I use Betty Crocker's Devils food cake mix)

1 cup of milk

5 tablespoons of flour

2 sticks of butter

1 cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of milk

In one small pot, attentively stir 1 cup of milk and 5 tablespoons of flour until mixture is thick. Allow to cool down and stick in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

In a separate pot, combine butter, sugar, and 1 teaspoon of milk and beat until smooth. Then add the flour and milk mixture to sugar mixture and mix until smooth. Spread evenly on the cooled chocolate cake.


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