The Drama Continues in Episode 2 of 'The Bachelor'
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The Drama Continues in Episode 2 of 'The Bachelor'

The champagne disaster that left America in a state of amusement and hysteria.

The Drama Continues in Episode 2 of 'The Bachelor'

We are back this week with episode 2 of Peter's season of 'The Bachelor,' and boy, was it a bumpy ride!

Last week, we were on the edge of our seats as Peter and former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, open up about their rough breakup and the aftermath that came with it. Their chemistry has been high since the very beginning, and America can't help but wonder if the two will rekindle their romance. Peter asked Hannah how she felt about joining the house and staying to see what happens.

I already knew there was no way this could have been an option, given that this was all filmed in September of 2019, and Hannah was knee-deep in filming 'Dancing with the Stars.' The only way that could have worked is if Hannah decided to leave the show, which we know does not happen because she goes on to win DWTS. It just can't work.

I know some are Team Hannah, and others are sick of seeing her on our TV screens, but I will say this about her: I value her honesty. In tonight's episode, she spoke about how making decisions for her heart while filming 'The Bachelorette' was difficult. I love that she didn't hold back from saying that; she's aware of the mistakes she made, and I firmly believe she has learned plenty of harsh lessons from that.

There are several moments when it looks like Peter is going to lean in and kiss her. I'll be honest; I wanted it to happen. I want Peter to be the Bachelor, but I also liked him and Hannah together. Peter confesses that he doesn't know if he needs to fully move on from Hannah to fall in love with someone else or if he needs to fall in love with someone else to finally move on from Hannah and let her go entirely.

"It kind of sucks hearing that you, like, thought I just wanted to be the Bachelor. You're the one who said no to me. I never said no to you."

After several moments of being too close to each other’s faces, Peter tells Hannah he can't do this anymore. He walks away, covered in the glitter from Hannah's dress. He wants to move on and have the full bachelor experience with these new women. I respect that he made a decision, but I will internally be questioning whether or not he's still thinking of Hannah as he tries to move forward and let the past be in the past.

Peter goes back to the women (and you can see all the glitter on his face and suit, AWKWARD) who have been patiently waiting this whole time and apologizes to them for making them wait. He admits he's not in the right headspace after talking to Hannah and asks if they can cancel the group date, but all meet back up during the cocktail party later that night.

The women were bothered by this news, and they all began to question why they were still here if Peter is having doubts and still confused about Hannah. Natasha was vocal about her opinion, telling Peter that the first time she met Peter, Hannah was there, and the second time she sees him, Hannah is also there. She had a point, and Peter agrees with her. Another reason to love Peter: he owns his actions and wants the women to be honest with him about what they're feeling. What. A. Man.

The group date rose goes to Sydney, a girl who has yet to leave a real impression on me.

Up next is the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, and Peter was struggling to remember Lexi, the redhead. I always try to imagine myself in the women's shoes, and if I were Lexi, I would have walked away crying when I caught on to the fact that Peter didn't remember our interactions.

Things got crazy when Kelsey whips out a champagne bottle and sets it up by a fireplace in hopes to steal Peter away. Now here's the thing: Kelsey was really excited about this moment she was planning to have with Peter. She had that champagne stored away for over a year and was waiting for a special moment to share it with someone else. She's even gushing to the other women about the champagne.

I've watched this show long enough to know everything is about to go wrong for Kelsey. It all starts with Mykenna stealing him away when Kelsey went to find him. Afterward, she approaches Mykenna and calls her a snake because she's already had time with Peter during the group date. This basically begins the unraveling of Kelsey, and I hate to say it, but I laughed the whole way through.

Peter and Madison share a cute moment when Peter gives her a gift, which is a framed photo of them and his family during their one-on-one date, where they watched Peter's parents renew their wedding vows. My heart was squealing at how excited Peter was about that photo when he gave it to her.

Hannah Ann steals Peter away, and guess where they happen to end up? You might've guessed that they end up at the fireplace where Kelsey's champagne lies, and you're correct. They sit down and make a toast, and the camera switches to where Kelsey sits with a few other women, and you can hear a loud pop and cheers. Is this actually happening? Kelsey is immediately crying because she knows someone popped open her bottle of champagne. I get it, I really do. I know what it's like to have this expectation where you share this moment with the guy you like, but everything goes wrong, and it ruins your entire mood. I really sympathize with Kelsey, but she took it too far when she confronts Hannah Ann right in front of Peter.

"I brought this bottle all the way from Des Moines. Don't try to play dumb!" Kelsey says to Hannah Ann.

Hannah Ann is trying to explain she didn't know, but Kelsey isn't having it. Peter tries to talk to Kelsey, and *shocker* there is another champagne bottle there for them. So apparently while Kelsey was setting up her champagne bottle, the producers set up a second bottle of champagne outdoors. I can imagine the producers pulling Hannah Ann aside and telling her they laid out some champagne for her and Peter to stir up a ton of drama with Kelsey. The devil works hard, but the Bachelor producers work harder.

Kelsey gets her moment with Peter after all, but it does not go at all as she thought. This moment will go down in bachelor history forever. Everybody is sharing this video all over the internet now. Kelsey decides to drink straight from the bottle, and it spouts out all over her face. This girl cannot catch a break, and I wanted to feel bad for her, but I thought it was hilarious. This entire situation is a perfect example of Murphey's Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And we have the Bachelor producers to thank for that.

Kelsey calls Hannah Ann a snake and tells her, "I'm real, you're calculated."

Instead of fueling the fire like most contestants usually do, Hannah Ann tells Kelsey, "I've acknowledged your feelings, and we're moving on."

As the rose ceremony begins, everyone is assuming Kelsey's behavior has made it to where she's going home, but she's given the last rose of the night. The women sent home are Courtney, Lauren, and Payton.

Jumping into the next group date, the women who are going on the date include Mykenna, Alexa, Deandra, Natasha, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey, and Hannah Ann. They meet up with Peter at Revolve on Melrose Avenue, which is an expensive clothing brand that I will never be able to afford. The women are putting on a fashion show and wearing Revolve's clothes, and whoever wins is walking away with over 40 shopping bags worth of clothes and accessories from Revolve. So much for competing for Peter, might as well only compete for all the clothes instead.

Victoria F. is insecure the entire time as the women are picking out what they want to wear. Competing against so many beautiful women could not be easy, but it's not like Victoria isn't pretty; she is. I kept saying that she needs to be confident in herself, or fake confidence because that's the only way to do well on 'The Bachelor.' Lacking that confidence will cause you not to put yourself out there, which in turn will send you home quickly.

During the runway, Hannah Ann and Mykenna have the most confidence, which given their personalities, is no surprise.

I was expecting Victoria F. to crash and burn, but she came out and won the audience and judges over. When did she suddenly become confident? Is she faking the confidence? What changed? All she wanted was for Peter to notice her, and he did at that moment.

It all comes down to Hannah Ann and Victoria F. competing for #1 and all the Revolve clothes. Hannah Ann ends up winning (big shocker), and Victoria F. has a meltdown. She's in tears saying she just wants to go home, and of course, Hannah Ann won because she "always wins."

Later, Peter pulls Victoria aside as she tells him how hard it is for her to be confident. Peter, being the kind-hearted guy he is, tells her that he recognizes that she's trying her best. Peter is the guy who knows how to reassure someone, and Victoria is the kind of girl who is going to need constant reassurance. He proves that he wants Victoria to stay by giving her the group date rose.

The plot thickens for Kelsey when Peter talks with Hannah Ann, and she reveals that she didn't sleep at all because she was crying all night over what went down with the champagne bottle and Kelsey. I thought Hannah Ann was going to move forward and not fret about it, but instead, she decides to throw Kelsey under the bus, telling Peter that Kelsey "bullied" her.

The show ends with Kelsey having to defend herself to Peter.

"She can turn it on. She's trying to play the victim card. She acts a certain way to you, and a different way in the house."

If you've watched 'The Bachelor' long enough, you know this drama will only continue to grow. Getting sucked into this type of drama means we can expect either one or both people involved being sent home. I wish I could insert myself into the TV screen and tell them to stop it before they ruin it for themselves. Please, just let it go. Your attention should stay on Peter and only Peter.

Who would have thought a bottle of champagne could cause so much drama?! It's no secret that the environment in the mansion can bring out your worst side, and Kelsey is already falling victim to it. I look forward to next week because according to the preview, Demi Burnett from Colton's season of 'The Bachelor' and season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' is making an appearance. Demi is the perfect person to knock some sense into these girls. Her blunt honesty and savagery are top-notch; I can't wait for her to call everyone out.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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