The Apologies Every Parent Deserves To Hear

Dear Mom and Dad,

Although I will always be your little girl, the more mature version of me owes you some apologies.

I apologize for all my preteen years when my attitude hit a whole new level.

I apologize for all the times I seemed ungrateful.

I apologize for the numerous times you asked me to do something a million times and I still did not do it.

I look back now on all my actions and ask myself "why" numerous times. As a child, you gave me the world and because that was all I knew, I acted like a brat. Being a broke college student has allowed me to put everything into perspective. I cannot believe how much of I brat I was. How did you put up with me?

I used to expect that if I left my dirty dish at the table that you would grab it and clean it. Now, I clean all my dishes myself.

I used to give you sass left and right without realizing all that you did for me. Now, after a long hard day, I wonder how you did this every day for so long.

I used to get so mad when you asked me to clean my room a million times. Now, I wish you were in my house telling me to clean it.

I used to take you handing me money for granted. Now, I would do anything for you just to give me $10.

Living on my own has helped me to find appreciation for all you do. I realize now what a hard time I gave you. I am now just how ungrateful I was. I see both of you in a whole new light. Yet, I am not even a parent yet. Living on my own is hard enough without throwing in being a parent on top of it!

I love you both so much and I am sincerely sorry for acting like a brat as a child. You do so much for me and I am sorry it took me this long to see that.

If I could go back, I would clean my room every time you asked and I would clean all my dirty dishes. I wouldn't take anything for granted, whether it was getting handed $20 or kissing you goodbye when you dropped me off at school.

Living on my own makes me miss our morning chats and our goodnight kisses. I appreciate our morning coffee silence more than anything. I would do anything for a home cooked meal when I am sitting at home hungry knowing I have to cook for myself.

So thank you a million times. Thank you for every dirty dish cleaned up, every home cooked meal, every drive to school, and every kiss goodbye. I had the best childhood a kid could ask for, and I owe it all to you two. I apologize for everyday I seemed ungrateful, because you two gave me everything a girl could ask for.

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