For Those With The Apartment From Hell
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Student Life

For Those With The Apartment From Hell

"Lying is done with words and also with silence."

For Those With The Apartment From Hell
Juhasz Imre

I have had enough of the nonsense from the apartment complex I'm living in near the University of West Georgia.

Move-In Day was down right unacceptable. I showed up ready and excited to experience the feeling of living in an apartment for the first time. I was proud that I had paid rent by myself even though it was fairly reasonable and my place was going to be somewhat survivable.

However, I was NOT prepared for the nightmare that was creeping upon me.

I was assigned to live in an apartment with a girl that was surprised when I unlocked the door and walked inside. The moment I saw her, she told me she wasn't expecting to have a roommate since nobody made her aware.

I immediately found that odd since it was a three bedroom apartment and she was living all by herself. Honestly, did she really think the space was entirely hers to occupy? I guess, maybe she really thought that because the apartment was disgusting.

It looked like she had never bothered to clean. The place made my skin crawl. Instead of moving my items to where I wanted them to be in my room, I started cleaning. My parents were trying their best to help me, so they asked maintenance workers for some advice, which they then proceeded to tells us that the apartment I was living in and a few others were not supposed to be leased because they weren't ready.

That was the last straw.

My dad (gotta love him) wasn't happy with my situation and demanded I go to the office to complain and get a new apartment.

As we entered the office, I noticed two important things that stood out: There was a long line of people waiting to speak to a manger and they were furious.

While waiting, I talked to a couple that expressed how their apartment was dirty and had roaches. They started talking about trying to break their lease, but how it was almost impossible. Yet the apartment complex could break their part of the contract and get off scot-free? Oh, how they wished they didn't mess with the wrong girl. If I couldn't get out of my lease then I'd make sure they wouldn't ever want me to live here again. What made everything worse was when I heard a young man start yelling at a woman in charge saying, "animal flees is one thing, but human flees that's another. You only get human flees if you don't bathe. I'm not living there. I want a new apartment. Do you understand me?" and I watched as she nodded her head and said, "Yeah, I understand." which if you ask me is bull. A couple more minutes pass by and soon the manger's office door opened and she invited all of us to come in.

That's when everything got interesting.

The manager was with another lady that claimed she had no idea what was going on and wanted us to explain our issues. So we did. And she was speechless and overwhelmed with emotion. Especially, when my dad started to stand up for me and the rest of the couples in the room. Heck, I even called her out on lying to me because she claimed that the cleaning service had already come out to the apartments. Yeah, that was baloney.

Of course, she tried to defend herself, but it didn't do much. In the end, she found us all new rooms to live in, but she failed to reveal the entire truth.

My new apartment looked clean and livable. Until, my new roommate told me that there were flees. That problem only got fixed because I saw an exterminator and told him what was going on, since he didn't have a clue and he kindly went out of his way to spray my apartment complex. Oh, and we have roaches too. I've been trying to clean as much as possible, but it hasn't been easy with a full schedule. Plus, my sink was clogged and I tried fixing it and calling for maintenance, but they didn't bother to show up till my mom got involved. Also, we've been through three refrigerators now because they've been broken even though maintenance has claimed they are "brand new". Telling us, "you got it off the truck" doesn't mean anything, but the fact you took it from another room. So the money, I have been trying to save and spend wisely went down the drain because the groceries I bought were wasted. Lastly, I want to stress how long it took me to get my modem. Six days. I didn't have WiFi because they simply didn't care. Day after day of complaining they said, "we're too busy right now. We will get them later." after I told them I needed it for school. Eventually, I went to talk to HR about it ready to speak my mind. I was sick of the lying. I already told one of them how they broke the contract and I listed everything that was wrong and the lady was completely silent. They know what they are doing and they think they can get away with it because we are college students. Well, not anymore. So bring it on.

I could continue to rant because I have a lot more to say, but I'll just leave you with a little bit of insight of my personal experience.

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