The Amount of Likes You Get Doesn't Determine Your Value

In these days where peoples' daily lives are surrounded by social media, many people often get too consumed with what's being portrayed on a screen.

I'm by no means against the use of social media. I think it can be an incredibly useful and beneficial tool. Skype and other avenues that allow for video chats can help unite people who are apart distance wise. Other platforms, such as Facebook, can be extremely important in keeping people together and reconnecting with others. Twitter is very important in spreading concise amounts of information and news internationally. Instagram is a wonderful way to share photos and keep track of what's going on in the people's lives whom we care about. And then there's Snapchat, a fun way to chat with friends whether it's a silly photo with a dog filter, a short video, or a typed message.

These, among many other social media platforms, have been extremely innovative and life changing. They can be used for so many positive, inspirational, and informational reasons. But then there are times where they can be life consuming and life destroying.

Growing up in this time where the majority of people are always on either their phones, tablets, computers, etc. I've come to notice and experience first hand some of the harmful effects of social media.

Oftentimes, people get too invested—and even a little obsessed—with the amount of popularity they have through social media. Some people begin to think that the amount of likes that they get on a selfie determine how beautiful they are and how valuable their lives are. People feed into comments that others leave on their photos. People think that their worth, importance, and popularity depends on the amount of followers and friends they have on these platforms. The amount of likes followers, etc. start to become wrongfully synonymous with power, purpose, popularity, importance, and value.

People sometimes get carried away with the constructed realities they see on others' accounts. Because people tend to mostly post about all of the good and exciting things that are going on in their lives, others view their lives as perfect and better than theirs. They start to compare themselves and their lives to others and start to sometimes feel dissatisfied and not good enough.

If this isn't an issue for you, that's a very good thing! For those who struggle with measuring their own value and comparing their lives to others on social media, I have a very important message I'd like to share with you. Your value and your self worth are not measured or determined by the amount of likes you get or the number of followers you have. Life is hard enough without feeling like yours is any less precious, equal, and important than anyone else's. Your life may be different, but it certainly isn't inadequate, boring, or not good enough. It is simply different. Everyone has their own unique life to live and story to tell. You are valuable. You are beautiful. Your voice deserves to be heard. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is well, yourself. It is good to find ways in which you can strive to be happier and be the best version of you.

So next time you post a picture, compose a message, and share a video, remember that the amount of likes and comments you get on it are insignificant. Post it for yourself. Others may see it, but that does not necessarily give it more meaning. It already has an unlimited amount of value regardless of the total of likes or anything else, simply because you and your life are priceless.

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