The All Girls School Experience

The All Girls School Experience

Where I learned to "listen, learn, love, and lead."

I learned four important things while attending a private all girls Catholic high school: "listen, learn, love and lead." This mantra was drilled into my brain during the course of my four year high school experience. Being apart of my high school's alumni, I can admit that I never considered the importance of this mantra until my senior year. What were these four words truly supposed to mean?

There is no definitive "message" that each girl must take away from this mantra; however, when you spend four years with one another, it is likely that the same message will be received. Each word in the mantra is attributed to the four different grade levels. During freshman year, the freshmen are being taught to listen. I know that sounds weird, but allow me to explain. When freshmen enter into high school, how often are they already familiar with their surroundings? Not often at all. High school is a new environment and an entirely new experience. Most freshmen are anxious before entering high school -- they have no idea what to expect and they have no idea what is expected of them. This is where listening comes into the picture. Freshmen are likely to take heed to the advice of those older than them. After all, "whatever helps my sister, helps me" (another popular mantra during my high school years).

Advancing to sophomores, the new expectation is to learn. Sophomores are known as "wise fools" for a reason. It is clear that sophomores now know more than they knew as freshmen, but there is still much to learn. New knowledge needs to be acquired, and at the same time, sophomores are now coming into themselves. Sophomore year is the year to begin figuring yourself out and thinking of your future: Who are you? Who do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

By the time junior year arrives, a class bond is expected to have developed (in my high school, at least). Junior year is the year to express love for yourself, as well as your "sisters." During this time, everyone is preparing to take SATs and beginning to think about the colleges they wish to apply to. There is no secret that this process is overwhelming; however, you can always count on the support of your class to help you through these difficult times.

Seniors are the evident leaders of the school and they are expected to lead by example. The world is on your shoulders at this point (literally). Seniors feel the pressure of having to walk along the correct path, while making sure the underclassmen don't stray.

When I mention to people that I attended an all girls high school, I receive the obvious what is wrong with you? stares. Do I regret my decision? Not for one second. I miss the sisterhood, the friendship, and the love. I miss the education, the intelligence, and the passion. I miss the excitement about women playing sports, the leadership, and the creativity. I miss the daily reminders that just because I'm a young woman, I can do anything and achieve everything!

It is one thing to continuously be reminiscent, but it is another to put to action what I have learned. The seed was planted, it sprouted, it grew, and it has blossomed. For the alumnae who have ventured on to greater things, we are succeeding and exhibiting the positive outcome of attending an all girls school.

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10 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Class Today

9. You're taking advantage of an education that many would love to have.

Trust me, I get it. Getting enough sleep is important. Studying for an upcoming exam is crucial. Okay, maybe you don't feel well. I totally understand these reasons for skipping class, it happens sometimes. Key word = sometimes. But honestly, we shouldn't even be skipping class sometimes. We should find a good spot between seldom and never in our absences from our classes.

Ugh, I know, it's difficult- your professor might be a little slow, there may not be anything important scheduled on the syllabus, or the class might just be outright boring. Yet these should not hold you back from your education and making constant absences a habit. Make it a priority to go to class despite what are often insignificant excuses you create in your head that prevent you from going.

If a serious issue like an illness arises, obviously that should hold you back from going. But take a nap in your free time and schedule time at the library for your studying rather than allowing these justifications to control you from not going to class. Disregard your dissatisfaction for the class, no matter what the reasoning may be, and just go. Here's why:

1. It can become a habit

Once you realize how fun it might be to not go to class, you'll think it's reasonable to do it again in the future, and again, and again. But you're just setting yourself up for a terrible routine where you come up with the littlest excuses to skip classes. Take your classes seriously and don't get sucked into a hole that'll be difficult to get out of.

2. You're practically throwing money away

This is pretty obvious, but many don't consider it. Remember how much your parents pay for school before you consider skipping class. Try to do the math behind it. Be grateful for the money they put towards your education by putting it to good use.

3. You're missing potentially important information

What if your professor is cancelling a future class? Your test got cancelled? You have a new paper due by the end of the week? You wouldn't know any of these things if you miss your class, and it would be pretty embarrassing if you showed up to that future class, studied for that cancelled test or didn't know about that paper. Gain some FOMO to motivate you.

4. Your professor won't have a favorable impression of you

When you're in need of a letter of recommendation, you can't even consider going to the professors of the classes you constantly skipped because what would they have to say about you? Don't let your professor embrace the rage of Ross Geller- get on your teacher's good side and just go to class.

5. Your grade might be impacted

If the syllabus has attendance as a pretty great portion of your grade, skipping class will have a nasty effect on your final grade. Plus, if you're on a borderline between two grades and want to persuade your professor to give you the higher of the two, they won't be so convinced to give it to you. Become a prompt student and watch your GPA grow.

6. You'll have to make up all of that work, anyway...

When you skip class, you're not skipping the notes and homework that comes with it. It will haunt you and you know it.

7. ...and will have to teach yourself the material

You know your professor won't reteach it to you in their office hours. And nobody in your class can teach, what might be difficult, material like your professor can. You might as well go.

8. That boring lecture might just be advantageous

You might be in a class that goes towards your major, or is just beneficial overall. You might be learning something that will really help you in the future or even your career, and it would be a shame to choose a nap over that.

9. You're taking advantage of an education that many would love to have

Not everybody gets to go to college like you do. Not everybody can say they learn new (and often interesting things) everyday. Not everybody has the opportunities that you have, so don't take advantage of them. There are so many people who would do anything to be in your position. Don't take that for granted!

10. You're just worsening your time management skills

When you skip class, you are proving that there are more important things than your classes, which is kind of ironic, because isn't that why you go to school in the first place? Missing class means you're giving into an unnecessary event that shouldn't be above your education. Make a checklist, plan your time, and get everything done around your class times, not during them.

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20 Questions We Have All Asked Google

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17. What does [insert hot female celebrity] look like with no makeup/ugly?

18. What are the earliest symptoms of pregnancy?

19. How can I cure a hangover?

20. What are the easiest classes at [insert university name here]?

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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