The age-old rule is dead

I do not believe that beauty is pain. I think that comfort transforms you. Comfort in your own skin and the clothes you wear. This age-old rule that "beauty is pain" is no longer relevant.

Women and men alike are starting to learn that functionality and comfort are starting to take over fashion and beauty.

Women and men before us had to wear corsets, layers upon layers of crinoline, wigs, powder their faces, and, yes, even men wore heels at one point.

Our bodies and minds are not built for that, so everyone needs to accept their natural looks.

Makeup and clothing should be used to enhance your best features and your personality.

Waist trainers, super high heels, and starving yourself are not going to make you more beautiful or fashionable. You will look extremely uncomfortable and make everyone around you feel super uncomfortable.

We are living in a time period where natural is becoming more and more accepted and sneakers are chic. Enjoy it!

Beauty is not pain; beauty is natural.

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