The Aces: The Greatest Girl Band?

Your New Favorite Girl Band

You're gonna wanna thank me for introducing you to these fantastic ladies.


As the year is coming to a close, I was recently looking through my Spotify Recap and checking out what songs I've been listening to for the past year. Some songs were old and others were introduced to me this year. One specific group that I really grew to be a fan of is the Aces. 4 girls (Katie, McKenna, Alisa, and Cristal) from Utah with a cool rock/pop/indie sound.

I had the chance to see them live this past September, opening up for another great band, 5 Seconds of Summer. I told my friends to rush to their seats because I did not want to miss their set. While I was eating my fries, I noticed I was the only person in the crowd singing their lyrics. I will admit, I did some research before the show and I was curious what the Aces had to bring to the table.

That half hour set was an opening act that I can say I was truly a big fan of their music. They had great stage presence and know how to entertain a crowd that was not mostly at the show for them. Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy them. I bet you're somewhat curious about their sound, aesthetic, and musicality so here are a few videos to get the jist of who they are and what they have to offer.

1. Volcanic Love

I thought this song is perfect to introduce you to them. It has a melodic sound with great rhythm and pace.

2. Stuck

As of right now, this song is my personal favorite right now. It's upbeat, fun and just straight up catchy. I listen to this one at least 10 times a day.

3. Last One

To finish off, the video is directed by Alisa and it starts off as a wholesome video but digresses to a gummy zombie apocalypse. Strange? Yes. Amazing? Yes.

I hope I convinced you enough to go check out the Aces and their 2018 debut album "When My Heart Felt Volcanic". It's honestly one of my favorite albums of the year. I plan on checking them out again on their own headlining tour in 2019 but for now, I'll just continue doing my research to find up and coming artists that I love to share to the internet.

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Don't Break Character

Self discovery happens when we recognize we are more.


Who am I? Am I kind to everyone I meet? Am I supportive? Am I easily approachable? Am I who I want to be?

Over a million different perceptions of who we are as people exist in the world, but there is only one of us. How so? The people who we surround ourselves with create an image of who we are as a person in their head based on their interactions with us. Common advice is that we should not care what other people think of us, because we know who we are. We live with who we are and the decisions we make twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But on the contrary, we should absolutely care what other people think of us. I'm not saying keep those who talk down on you in your life, but the opinions of others do matter, just not the opinions that are based on hatred.

Those people who you look to for approval, the ones who support you when you don't know how to support yourself, the ones who always have your back and aren't afraid to tell you when you're wrong. Those people can be your family, your friends, teachers, coworkers, anyone, but the common denominator is that they're rooting for you at the end of the day regardless of any circumstances. They're in your life because they love who you are as a person. They love your good qualities and tolerate the not so good qualities. Often we find ourselves comparing who we are to those who are closest to us, creating a competitive and toxic behavior. We don't do this on purpose, but it's not fair to them or yourself.

"Don't break character for those who aren't even in the play."

I gave this advice to my mom when talking through personal problems that I was having at work. Too often we forget that we lived a life before we met certain individuals, and we were happy. When we react to the actions of others, we are breaking character of the one person we want to be known as. Nobody wants to be known as the person who explodes when their feelings are overlooked or the bitter one who can't be happy for others. We all would like to be known as loving and supportive, but we don't always come off that way. It is true that not every person we cross paths with is going to like who we are, but it is important to realize that there is nothing wrong with being who you are. We shouldn't change ourselves to please anyone who isn't meant to be in our story. We are all characters in a play who have different experiences, morals, and values.

I found myself in a feud with a coworker once after they had received a promotion that I was working hard to earn, and I would go out of my way to find a reason why she didn't deserve this promotion instead of congratulating her on her successes. Just because I didn't reach a goal that I had been working toward does not mean I had the right to take that away from someone who had reached theirs. Sometimes that is all it takes to remind myself that while my feelings are valid, so are theirs.

If we want to be known for our love and support, it comes with giving up our pride to support those around us even when we don't want to. Even if we don't voice our toxic behavior, it exists and it matters. If you want to be known as the person who brightens the room, you can't do that with hatred and destruction. Ask yourself, "Who am I? Am I always putting my best qualities forward?" If the answer is no, think about who you want to be and in what ways you do reflect this and areas that can use some work. We forget that growing up doesn't just change the body, it changes your mind. If you aren't growing as an individual, you aren't growing at all.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Sudan Crisis- And What You Can Do To Help

Now is not the time to remain silent.


Sudan Military Kills Over 100 Peaceful Protesters | NowThis

Turmoil is spreading in Sudan as civilians are being massacred left and right, but few are aware of the details leading up to and regarding the calamity. Here is everything you need to know about the crisis in Sudan.

Civilians began to protest against President Omar al-Bashir as his presidency was one of violence and suffering. Under his rule, thousands of villagers were murdered by the government militia in 2003, and millions of Sudanese people were displaced from their homes. While the president was charged with genocide and war crimes, the charges were dropped when the government failed to get support from the UN. Bashir was again arrested in April 2019, after three decades of rule and several large protests.

After his rule came to an end, the people demanded a democracy, and smaller, peaceful protests eventually merged into a mass civil disobedience. Sudanese authorities banned social media and cut internet and mobile data in the capital of Sudan. Recently, soldiers have begun to open fire on crowds of protestors, rape women and men, and beat the protestors that remained on the streets. So far, it is estimated that over 100 people have been killed, 70 raped, and 700 injured. Among these numbers are hundreds of young children.

These people have no access to the outside world, or basic necessities like food and water. Instead of remaining silent and waiting for our country to step in, do your part and 1. Share this article informing others of the crisis 2. Sign this petition demanding the UN investigate this atrocity 3. Donate something to this GoFundMe raising money for Sudanese medical aid. Every share, signature and donation can and will make a difference.

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