The ABC's Of York, Maine
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The ABC's Of York, Maine

"The way life should be."

The ABC's Of York, Maine
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A: Mount Agamenticus

This mountain may not be the largest mountain you'll ever see, but the view from the top is truly unforgettable.

B: Beaches

While I may be a little biased, the beaches in York are some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever lay eyes on. Not only are the beaches pretty, but the town keeps them all very clean and residents/visitors don't leave their trash laying around.

C: Cliff Walk

York is filled with spots for taking a nice walk. One of the best just so happens to be the Cliff Walk next to Harbor Beach. The view from the walk is simply breathtaking.

D: "Downtown"

If you're from here, you probably call Short Sands Beach and the small shopping area next to it "Downtown." Middle schoolers in York have an unhealthy obsession with going "downtown" to lurk around the basketball courts and Bowl-O-Rama. If you're visiting, this is a great place to get your souvenirs or find a good cup of coffee at the Daily Grind.

E: Ellis Park

Ellis Park is right next to Short Sands (or right above it you might say), and here you can find concerts throughout the summer or just a nice place for a picnic overlooking the water.

F: Fisherman's Walk

We really have a thing for walks along the water, so here's another one we like to brag about.

G: Gift shops

York may be small, but we are definitely not lacking in the gift shop department. York is home to an abundance of locally owned gift shops that carry your favorite beachy and nautical gear. Some of our favorites include The Beach Dog, Whispering Sands, and Joan's Beach and Gift.

H: Harbor Beach

This beach is a local favorite. It may be one of the smaller beaches in York, but it is the most beautiful for sure.

I: Ice cream

You'll never find yourself far from an ice cream place in York. Whether it's Dune's, Village Scoop, Oceanside Store, Wicked Good Ice Cream, or one of the many other ice cream shops in town, good ice cream is never far.

J: July 4th Fireworks

Every town has fireworks on the 4th of July, but not every town gets to watch them on the beach. Every year, both York residents and tourists flock to the beaches to watch the beautiful fireworks with friends and family.

K: Kayaking

Kayaking down the York River is the perfect way to spend a summertime Sunday afternoon.

L: Lobster

You haven't really been to York, Maine (or anywhere in Maine for that matter), if you haven't tried Maine lobster.

M: Memorial Day Parade

Every Memorial Day weekend, York puts on a parade to honor those who have died for our country.

N: Nubble Lighthouse

The Nubble Lighthouse is arguably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Maine. If you live in York or even just vacation there, your Instagram feed is probably flooded with pictures of the Nubble.

O: Ocean

York is a place for ocean-lovers only.

P: Pizza

Pizza is everywhere in York. Whether its York House of Pizza, Woody's, Anthony's, or York 54, there is certainly not a pizza shortage here.

Q: Quality seafood

You can't go wrong with seafood in Maine. Once you have had Maine seafood, nothing else will ever compare.

R: Restaurants

It's never difficult to find an amazing restaurant in York. Whether it's the York Harbor Inn, The Union Bluff, Greenleaves, Foster's Clambake, or any one of the other fabulous restaurants, you can always count on good food.

S: Short Sands

Short Sand Beach is a popular beach for tourists because of the easy access to food and gift shops. While it's not usually the first choice of locals (too many tourists), it's still a beautiful beach surrounded by cute souvenir shops and some good food.

T: Tourists

York definitely attracts an ungodly amount of tourists. Although the traffic in the summer gets a little tedious and locals always complain about it, the tourists are really the ones that keep the town running. Without our visitors, businesses would have a hard time making money.

U: Union Bluff

The Union Bluff is a fabulous hotel with a delicious restaurant. This is a favorite of many locals and tourists, so if you need a place to eat, this is the place.

V: Vacationland

Many of us Mainers have "Vacationland" written on the bottom of our license plates. The state of Maine is commonly known as "Vacationland", but the ultimate vacation spot in Maine is definitely York.

W: Weddings

Weddings in York are practically an everyday occurrence (at least in the summertime). It isn't uncommon to be sitting on Short Sands Beach and when you glance over towards the Union Bluff Hotel, there's a wedding taking place.

X: X-mas Parade

The Festival of Lights is a favorite of many locals. Every December in York Village, there's an awesome parade that different businesses and organizations can take part in.

Y: York High School

Of course, York High School had to make it into the mix because most of the town actually graduated from here. Yes, a large majority of locals grew up in York and just never left because they loved it so much.

Z: Zoo

Although it's not the coolest zoo in the world, York's Wild Kingdom has been a favorite of kids for a long time.

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