The ABC's Of Towson University
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The ABC's Of Towson University

Every Towson student knows these 26 letters.

The ABC's Of Towson University

As Towson University students who roam this campus past, present and future: there are many rules, regulations, and rights of passage that we all follow. There are people, places, things, and instances that grace our lives because we have all been at this fine institution for any amount of time. Here's a list of the ABC's of Towson. Use it as a guide, a reference, or just maybe a laugh, if you'd like.

A-Angel from Ptux

There is not a man in this world that can create pasta dishes with such artistry and craftsmanship as Angel.

B-B Lounge

Not 21? No problem! As long as you have a fake I.D. or even a One Card you are set to get past those B Lounge bouncers. Get ready for a fun filled night packed with sweaty freshman and the faint scent of sushi.

D-Doc the Tiger

We all have that picture with Doc, red faced and squinty at a sporting event.


No matter what building you're in, there's always a slow or broken elevator that someone takes one floor up.

F-Freedom Square

Almost 90% of the time you'll get something for free strolling through the center of campus...or a pamphlet and guilt trip encouraging you to donate money or buy a baked good.

G-Greene Turtle

Cute bouncers, a rooftop patio, and local Vine celebrity Jimmy Murrill is everything you can find at good ole GT...unfortunately for all of you underages out're gonna to have to wait.

H-Hot Dog Guy

You can find Cowboy Troy and his trusty pitbull sidekick, Cuervo, selling hotdogs to all the drunk stragglers stumbling around York Road after a night Uptown. Not all heroes wear capes.

I-Inconsistent Weather

Not super specific to Towson but Maryland as a whole, we've all experienced almost slipping and falling off the Glen Bridge during an unexpected rain storm while wearing flip flops. You think Towson would pay my tuition if I'd broken my leg?

K-Kent House Pub

If you need a 20 minute break from all the crowded craziness of all the bars that make know there's a seat and beer waiting for you at Kent.

L-Liberal Arts Building

What floor am I coming in on?

M-Maravene Loeschke

Although I have never met her personally, I've heard nothing but great things about this woman. Of course I had to pay tribute to our late president.

N-Natty Boh

You find multiple cans, pumper stickers, magnets, and shirts all paying attribute to this Maryland specialty around Towson's campus.

O-One Cards

How excited were we to get brand new I.D. cards this year to find out that our picture from freshman year is now close up and in HD.


"Who do you know here?"

Q-Quiet Rooms

Whether in the dorms or in the library...there is always that one person talking on the phone, chewing too loudly, or doesn't understand the concept of headphones.

R-Res Tower

I have to pay homage to my freshman year digs. Even though it looks like a prison and has been rumored to be demolished since I lived there, I still think it's the best freshman experience and place to make friends. What's better than wallowing in shitty living conditions together?


Ruthless, hungry and famous. There's just something about the Towson Squirrels. Here's a little secret..I know the genius behind the Towson Squirrels Twitter page. Want to know who it is? That's a secret I'll never tell. XOXO Gossip Squirrel.

T-The Towers

Ask a freshman or sophomore where they live on campus, and I can guarantee you they say the Towers.


For a lot of people, Towson is their " second choice." But, quite honestly, it's a smart choice. A great community, affordable, and just a great college experience. Plus...we got some pretty notable alumni.

V-Vineyard Vines

Whether it's embroidered on your shirt, hat, or vest or a sticker on your computer, Vineyard Vines is one of the many clothing brands that make up Towson's unofficial uniform.

W-Winter Break

It's great to be at home for an extended period of time to see your friends, family, and hometown...but after everybody's gone back to school and you're still full from the holidays, enough is enough.

X-X's on Everyone's Hands After a Weekend Uptown

It's Monday and we all know who hasn't showered in a couple days...yikes.

Y-York Road

Gotta give a shout-out to the street that we Towson Tigers spend a majority of our time...whether in class or doing "other" activities.


I mean...we're all in college. Is anybody really sleeping?

Go Tigers!

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