Being up in Tallahassee for summer classes/internships/working is actually not as bad as you would think. Yes, it is not on the beach or the definition of 'traveling' for the summer, but there is a way to make Tally the best summer destination. Whether you're here for summer A or summer B, and maybe you are reliving the freshman days and are here for C, you can still have the best summer by following these easy ABC's!

A is for afternoon naps.

B is for Big Booty Mix 13 on REPEAT.

C is for cooking (on your own for the first time because your sorority cooks for you).

D is for Derd having breathable room to stand.

E is for everything FSU 24/7!

F is for free time you never knew you needed.

G is for the gym that you actually thought you would go to.

H is for hanging out with your friends who are actually here (shout out to the homies).

I is for internships, internships, internships.

J is for jealous that you aren't on a cruise.

K is for kissing spring semester goodbye!

L is for loving that every bar is basically empty.

M is for movie nights at home.

N is for never turning down a night out.

O is for overly obsessive freshman are upon us.

P is for Pot's Happy Hour.

Q is for quickly getting ready after a last-minute decision to go out.

R is for rain...every day.

S is for SUMMER!

T is for the turn-up.

U is for underestimating how fun a summer at school can be.

V is for vodka water lime.


X is for all the ~xtra~ time in the Nasty.

Y is for YOU being able to do whatever YOU want all summer.

Z is for Z-baked after a night out.