The ABC's of Stony Brook University
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Student Life

The ABC's of Stony Brook University

Seawolves, we hold these truths to be self-evident.

The ABC's of Stony Brook University

Seawolves, we know that Stony Brook University has an abundance of quirks that makes Stony Brook, well, Stony Brook. And we are proud of it. For instance, nobody even knows what a Seawolf is, but we still are proud of our mascot, Wolfie.

Here are the ABC's of Stony Brook University!

A: Abundance of Caution

Stony Brook Univeristy is notorious for sending messages out of an "abundance of caution," especially when there is inclement weather, which happens a lot in January and February. @SBUEM, the emergency management twitter account, has quite the sassy staff, with their posting of abundance of caution memes. #AbundanceOfCaution

B: Brookfest

Brookfest is one of the most exciting events that happens at the Brook. In the past, we have had Future, Cash Cash, Childish Gambino, Diplo, Twenty One Pilots, and even Panic! At The Disco! It's always good to see our student activity fee hard at work.

C: Circle Road

Circle Road is (clearly) the road which encloses most of West Campus, and is known for its almost circular shape. You will often find people walking/running/bike riding around circle road.

D: Diversity

Stony Brook prides itself on diversity, which is seen on campus. Stony Brook also accepts a substantial amount of international students, giving them opportunities that they may not have in their home country.

E: "Express" bus

And by express, I mean 15 minutes late. Which is especially frustrating when you're already late to class.

F: Far Beyond

These posters are far beyond annoying. Remember that time when far beyond showed up in our email signature of a hot minute?

G: Gigantic Class Sizes

Any intro class at Stony will have at least 200 people in it. Good luck getting a good seat, and try not to fall asleep.

H: Homecoming

Homecoming is arguably one of the most exciting things at Stony Brook, because campus actually does not look like a ghost town on the weekends. All jokes aside, homecoming is a blast, especially the pre-game festivities.

I: Interesting Classes

Yeah, you heard right. Stony Brook offers some unique, interesting classes, such as The Legend of King Arthur and Sociology of Human Reproduction.

J: Javits

This Cold-War inspired dungeon is the place where dreams go to die. Chances are that you've attended a giant lecture class in this building.

K: Kelly (Now West Side Dining)

Formerly known as Kelly Dining Hall, this place just keeps getting bigger and better. This place has every food that you could ever think of (even vegan pizza!!!), and is open until 3 am, which is perfect for those night owls and drunk Seawolves coming back from those off campus frat parties.

L: Labyrinth (Red Dragon)

This place is one of the hidden gems of Stony Brook! Tucked away between Mendy and the union, the labyrinth is a place where students can find some peace and solace between classes.

M: Meals

Others may not agree with me, but I honestly don't think that the food on campus sucks. We have a diversity of options, and I think that the wrap/salad/burger kiosks at the SAC are extremely convienent.

N: North Reading Room

The new and improved NRR is just TOO nice. Fully equipped with single use desks, collaborative space to get work done, and an ABUNDANCE OF PLUGS, who could not want to study in here?

O: Outings to The Bench

I feel like having an interesting story from a night out at The Bench is something that all Seawolves need to have at least once before they graduate. Located within walking distance to campus, this is the perfect place to have a few drinks and unwind with friends. Also, ladies night.

P: Parking Enforcement

These people are the actual worst, let's just leave it at that.

Q: Quota, printing

I just wish that the leftover money at the end of the semester could get refunded back to us, so we could buy important things, like snacks.

R: Roth Regatta

You're lying if you say that Roth Regatta isn't fun. Roth Regatta is one of my favorite things about Stony Brook - as it not only brings the campus community together, but it is absolutely hysterical to see people's boats (which can only be composed out of duct tape and cardboard) fall apart in the radioactive Roth Pond.

S: Staller Steps

These steps are pretty poppin' when the sun is out! Here, you'll find people laying in the sun and relaxing in between classes.

T: Toll Drive Dorms

I can't wait for this project to be finished! Seeing the progress over the last year has been so cool. Hopefully this will decrease the tripling situations that residents have.


USG needs more props. They not only represent the ~15000 undergrads at Stony Brook, but enhance student life buy appropriating out student activity fees by putting on fun events and concerts. Thanks, USG. You rock.

V: Visiting Stony Brook Village

(Yes, I know that this one is a bit of a stretch.)

Going to Stony Brook University means taking advantage of the beautiful town that surrounds it! Just a five minute drive from campus, Stony Brook Village is home of several cute restaurants, shops, Avalon Park and Nature Preserve, and Stony Brook Harbor! I highly recommend checking out Crazy Beans and Latitude 121, my personal favorite restaurants.

W: Wolfie Seawolf

Does Wolfie even need an explanation? He is the most spirited person I have ever met, and is a real asset to the campus community.

X: X-Ploring Long Island

If you go to Stony Brook University and you haven't explored Long Island yet, you're missing out. If you don't have a car, find someone who does and give them gas money because most of these places do require a car. My personal favorite place on Long Island is Robert Moses beach, which is about a 40 minute drive from the University. Of course there are local beaches such as West Meadow Beach that are closer to SBU, but if you're looking for smooth sand and waves, South Shore beaches are where it's at.

Y: Yang Hall

One of the nicest residence halls on campus. Everyone wants to live here.

Z: Zebra Path

The Zebra Path is a walkway which does not get enough credit, in my opinion. Kim Hardiman, the original artist of the path, was inspired by the Asian feng-shui theory of balance and harmony in nature. To her, the path "represents a continual journey to follow dreams and follow different paths as seen with the different angles in the lines."

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