The ABC's of Easton, MA
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The ABC's of Easton, MA


The ABC's of Easton, MA

Easton, MA is a small town located about 30 minutes south of Boston. Everyone living there would be quick to say that there is not a lot to do in the town and can be very boring at times. However, as soon as you go away for an extended period of time, you start to appreciate the small town that you once hated. It may have taken you a few years, but you're finally proud to call this place home.

A: Ames

Easton holds a lot of history in the quaint little town. The Ames family basically founded the town and their Ames Mansion Estate still stands for people to walk through. When you visit Easton, you will realize a lot of buildings have been named after them.

B: Back Bay Bagel

Although it may be located just outside the border of easton, anyone who lives in easton considers it apart of our town and it is the go to spot for a bagel and coffee on those weekend mornings.

C: Construction

Whenever there is construction in Easton, it seems to take forever to get done.

D: Dunkin Donuts

Easton may be small, but that doesn't scare dunking donuts away since we have three of them throughout the town.

E: El Mariachi

One of the best Mexican restaurants that you will ever go to that has table side guacamole, amazing margaritas and even better food. It is also he go to spot for anyone over 21 when they come home on breaks.

F: Farmers Daughter

The famous Farmer's Daughter that is From Farm to Table. This all freshly grown breakfast place is located in the center of town and now has a bar with tapas. Don't miss out on their Nutella waffles or their out of this world french toast!

G: Gradiation at Frothingham

We all know what I'm talking about ... marching from where it all started at the middle school, and walking to the Frothingham Park to graduate; unless you are that one class that had to graduate inside.

H: Hilliards

Hilliard House of candy was founded in Easton in 1924 has homemade chocolate that is made in the store and homemade ice cream. Everyone knows that the best times of year are Caramel Apple season, fudge sale season, and when the candy bar selling goes on.

I: Inconvenience of traffic in the morning to get to school

It goes without saying that you always need to plan enough time to get to school in the morning, but when you are driving to the high school in the morning, the traffic can often times be compared to that of rush hour traffic.

J: Just always having movies filmed here.

Although we may not be a well known town because we are so small, our town always seems to show up on the big screens. There are constantly movies being filmed here such as "Stronger," "Ghost busters 3," "Shutter Island" and more.

K: Kidz Planet

Need I say more? Probably everyone in easton at some point or another had one or more of their childhood birthday parties here. I mean who can resist the foam pit and the parachute games?

L: Langwater Farm

The newest farm in town that provides crops to the Farmer's Daughter. This farm extends throughout most of the land in Easton, and you can even become a CSA there!

M: McGuires Bar & Grill

The infamous restaurant that is known for their honey hots.

N: NRT Harvest Fair

What better way to kick off the fall season than going to a Harvest Fair? From caramel apples, to homemade crafts, to pony rides and games, the harvest fair has it all.

O: b(O)rderland

The beautiful town forest Borderland that extends beyond our little town. A great place to walk trails, walk along the mansion and the ponds, and even play a game of disc golf.

P: Par 3

For anyone that attended Oliver Ames High School, you know you were always greeted at the door by the sweetest man on this earth. The true Tiger super fan in all of us, who was a friend to all. You are truly missed Par 3.

Q: Quiet hours?¿

Anyone who lives in Easton would say that our town seems to shut down after around 8 p.m. The town goes quiet and nothing seems to be open.

R: Rockery lighting

The kick start every year to the holiday season. Everyone comes to the center of town to watch the annual rockery lighting where you can find fried dough stands, pizza, hot cocoa, train rides and more!

S: Shovel Town

To many it may be weird that we are referred to as the shovel town, but that is because the Ames family were the first Americans to make a shovel, and in 1803, they established the first shovel company here.

T: Tigers

The greatest school mascot we could've asked for not only because it shows how mighty we are, but because who doesn't love tony the tiger showing up at all of our sporting events?

U: Understanding how 5 corners actually works

Anyone in Easton knows the struggle of trying to figure out how the 5 corners by Shaw's actually works.

V: Visits to Sheep Pasture

Sheep Pasture is a working farm in our town, and you can bet that every grade makes a field trip to it during the year.

W: Wendy's

The go to for any high schooler on the weekends before going home

X: Xtra colors?

Instead of being labeled by grades you're labeled by colors. Starting in middle school, you get assigned a color team, and then once you enter high school you get assigned a set of colors that rotate through the years. Graduating in our town colors just seems to ordinary.


Not only a great place to go to yoga or Zumba classes, but also the place where most learned to swim.

Z: pi(Z)za

For a small town, we sure are not lacking pizza places. It seems that this town has pizza shops at every corner of it. However, most Eastonians are found either at Union Villa or the famous Town Spa Pizza which is located in Stoughton.

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