The 9 Best Things About Going Home For Break

The 9 Best Things About Going Home For Break

A list of things I fantasize about over the semester.

There's actually no better feeling then when you zip up your suitcase in anticipation of going home for break. There is just so much to look forward to, it was hard to even narrow down this list. But here we go, the 9 best things about going home for break:

1. Your mom's cooking

Yup, this is number one. Whether you like your mom's cooking or not, I guarantee you are still dying to eat food that isn't cooked by the dining hall or is overpriced. Nothing compares to a homemade meal. Who would have thought you would miss family dinners?

2. Seeing your family

Don't even deny it, I know that sometimes you really miss the sounds of your parents yelling at you for breaking the rules you don't remotely have in college and your siblings arguing over something stupid. Is it frustrating having to be home at midnight even though that's usually when you go out? Yes. Do you love seeing your family anyways? Yes.

3. Reuniting with your friends

Coming back home and being with your home friends is the BEST feeling ever. Whether it's dinner and a movie, going out, or just laying in bed and talking, there is something so comforting about being with your best friends once again.

4. Sleeping in your own bed

This one should be number one. Nothing compares to finally ditching the Twin XL and being in your own bed once again. Catch me under the covers all break!

5. Getting over the sickness you've had forever

My friends and family can vouch for me when I say that I have been sick all semester. Going back to my home full of homemade chicken soup and clean sheets is definitely a highlight of any break. I savor a week without a cough. The only sad thing about this point is that eventually, I have to go back to that disease-ridden place we call college.

6. Actually sleeping more than four hours

Even if it's a Wednesday and I have no homework, I will still always up until at least 3 a.m. For some reason sleep just doesn't exist at college. You don't realize how much you miss getting a full 9 hours of sleep until you go home.

7. Eating at your favorite restaurants

I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about the sushi and pizza I have at home. I can honestly say nothing at school compares to my favorite restaurants in my hometown. Having access to these places once again is a game-changer.

8. Going to the nice gym in your town

On the occasion that I do exercise, it's so nice to go to a clean gym that actually has treadmills available and doesn't look like a jail. Whoever thought I would miss a gym...

9. Seeing your pet

I obviously saved the best for last. Seeing your dog, cat, fish, or whatever other pet you have when you come home is the most heartwarming feeling. Whenever I see a dog on campus, I physically feel pain from missing my dog so much. The moment when we finally reunite is always the best.

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Who's Jim and who's Meredith?

"The Office" is one of the best shows on the face of the planet. Don't believe me, you obviously haven't watched it. It has a character for everything, including all of the South Carolina colleges.

The Citadel

This one is probably the easiest. Creed Bratton. Hands down. Military all day every day. No one knows what really goes on behind closed doors, except the people there. Just like Creed's mind.

Coastal Carolina University

Consistently voted one of the top party schools in the nation. #It'snotcollegeit'sCoastal.

Winthrop University

Winthrop is the place for future teachers. We all know that Meredith is the mother/teacher figure in the office, which is kind of scary in and of itself.

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Erin just seems like the type of person who would go to an all-female college.

Bob Jones University

At what other school do you see people wearing things that could be from the American Girl large colonial dolls Spring line?

Wofford College

The pearls, Greek Life, and Southern fashion are so real.

Furman University

Let's be real. Pam is a bit of a nerd. But at the end of the day, she does know how to get down. I mean she WAS on the party planning committee. And who doesn't want that Ring By Spring?

College of Charleston

Nard Dog is definitely in an a capella group in Charleston, taking in the city and the history while dressing like a frat star.

Medical University of South Carolina

Andy isn't alone in Charleston. Dwight is down there becoming a doctor. Yes, someone who can save lives and is able to do surgery. Although, who else would you expect to be a doctor?

University of South Carolina

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While Michael thinks that he runs the office, it's no secret that Jim is the mastermind behind the operation. The office would fall apart without him. I'll just let that sit.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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To The Professor Who Makes College Difficult For Difficulty's Sake, Who Made You Like This?

We all have that one professor each quarter/semester that makes life harder.


To professors everywhere,

Don't forget your students are young, dumb, and broke.

I think that many of your hearts become hardened while being a professor. Students with excuses, coworkers, and bosses who take advantage of you or just plain ignore you. All while trying to figure out how to grade over 100 papers, tell a TA what to do, and try and have your own life in the process. (I'm exhausted just typing about it).

But, as students, our lives are hard too. We have three or more classes in a week that each demand the same workload or each more than the last. Reading chapters of textbooks, worrying about exams, trying to find the motivation to show up to class when you make us feel stupid for not having the understanding in one quarter that you have after obtaining a Ph.D. Add our class loads to the jobs we have to maintain in order to survive and feed ourselves. Please do not forget, we make sacrifices for your classes.

For those of us who had to move away from home, we miss so much to be able to attend your classes as many days as we can. For everyone else, they might even show up to class sick because you won't accept an email that says, "I'm sick and I can't make it to class today," and penalize them for having to miss.

Lighten up.

When Arbitrarily, with all of this, social life, family, school, work, and we need to take a day off for a three day weekend, or we need to take a day to calm down from the hustle of college life, please understand. Mental illness is prominent in college students, if you are so tough on a student for taking a day off that they continue to overload their brain, their work slips.

We completely lose our motivation, you were in our shoes once, so why is it so hard for you to cut us a little bit of slack?

I am having at least three anxiety attacks in a single week, my class workload is ridiculous and I'm only taking three classes, but two of them have so much reading. I don't have enough time to work, finish my homework on time, and do all the reading you require... With the reasoning I've heard too many times to count, "Well this is just as much reading if not less than your other classes. This shouldn't be too difficult."

False. That makes it harder. I am not the only one.

Life is hard no matter how old you are. Please do not forget that your students are trying. They're trying to pass your class and get on with their lives as do you when the quarter/semester is up. Sometimes with our busy lives, we can't keep up, just put yourself in our shoes and ask yourself, "Am I contributing to the strife in this students life?" If you think you are or you're trying to rationalize why you're not, start thinking about ways to improve, for you and us.

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