The 9 Best Things About Going Home For Break

The 9 Best Things About Going Home For Break

A list of things I fantasize about over the semester.

There's actually no better feeling then when you zip up your suitcase in anticipation of going home for break. There is just so much to look forward to, it was hard to even narrow down this list. But here we go, the 9 best things about going home for break:

1. Your mom's cooking

Yup, this is number one. Whether you like your mom's cooking or not, I guarantee you are still dying to eat food that isn't cooked by the dining hall or is overpriced. Nothing compares to a homemade meal. Who would have thought you would miss family dinners?

2. Seeing your family

Don't even deny it, I know that sometimes you really miss the sounds of your parents yelling at you for breaking the rules you don't remotely have in college and your siblings arguing over something stupid. Is it frustrating having to be home at midnight even though that's usually when you go out? Yes. Do you love seeing your family anyways? Yes.

3. Reuniting with your friends

Coming back home and being with your home friends is the BEST feeling ever. Whether it's dinner and a movie, going out, or just laying in bed and talking, there is something so comforting about being with your best friends once again.

4. Sleeping in your own bed

This one should be number one. Nothing compares to finally ditching the Twin XL and being in your own bed once again. Catch me under the covers all break!

5. Getting over the sickness you've had forever

My friends and family can vouch for me when I say that I have been sick all semester. Going back to my home full of homemade chicken soup and clean sheets is definitely a highlight of any break. I savor a week without a cough. The only sad thing about this point is that eventually, I have to go back to that disease-ridden place we call college.

6. Actually sleeping more than four hours

Even if it's a Wednesday and I have no homework, I will still always up until at least 3 a.m. For some reason sleep just doesn't exist at college. You don't realize how much you miss getting a full 9 hours of sleep until you go home.

7. Eating at your favorite restaurants

I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about the sushi and pizza I have at home. I can honestly say nothing at school compares to my favorite restaurants in my hometown. Having access to these places once again is a game-changer.

8. Going to the nice gym in your town

On the occasion that I do exercise, it's so nice to go to a clean gym that actually has treadmills available and doesn't look like a jail. Whoever thought I would miss a gym...

9. Seeing your pet

I obviously saved the best for last. Seeing your dog, cat, fish, or whatever other pet you have when you come home is the most heartwarming feeling. Whenever I see a dog on campus, I physically feel pain from missing my dog so much. The moment when we finally reunite is always the best.

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Finals Week As Told By Schmidt

Schmidt Happens

Finals week is finally upon us. The time every college student has dreaded all semester and there is no avoiding it. Let the stress, tears, and sleepless nights commence. Here's Finals Week as Told by Schmidt.

1. When you walk into the library and see that there are no more spots available because every freshman decided to start using the library now.

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2. You run into someone from your class and they ask you how prepared you are for the final.

3. Your first meltdown begins...

4. And then you get a call from your parents asking you why you've been so on edge lately

5. When you're three coffees deep at 2AM and believe everything will be okay even though you still haven't studied.

6. The day has arrived and it's time to take your first final so you give yourself a quick pep talk.

7. When you are the first one to finish the final early because you didn't study.

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8. Trying to pack while studying.

9. And then you start wishing you didn't wait until the last minute to pack because now there is no way your stuff will fit into your car.

10. When you get your first grade back.

11. And you have to tell your parents how you did in the class.

12. When all of your roommates are done with their finals and you still have one left.

13. But then your time has finally come and you have finished your last final as well.

14. And you realize you have survived yet another hell week.

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The Truth About Academic Dishonesty

The person you're cheating isn't just yourself.

As finals week approaches, many of us are going to be tempted to make some bad academic decisions. Procrastination is a common example, but the one I would like to focus on is cheating.

We’ve all cheated on something. It’s a simple fact. The problem with college isn’t that you have to take a test or do homework, but that your teachers don’t seem to realize that you are also enrolled in four to five additional classes. And, somehow, the stars seem to align, and all your tests and assignments fall within days or even hours of one another.

The reality is that school asks a lot of students, and sometimes some people feel that it gets to be too much for them to do honestly. As a result, many students fall victim to the pressure and make poor academic decisions to get themselves out of a deep hole of work.

Regardless of how many of us have cheated, it’s something we should all learn from right now.

The common phrase is, “When you cheat, the only person you’re cheating is yourself." However, for a majority of students, the “consequences” of cheating seem to be higher grades and lower stress. While many universities, including my own, have very strict academic integrity policies that are recited to us hundreds of times during syllabus week, many students feel that the risk is worth the reward.

So, clearly, that deterrent isn’t working.

But there is another way to think about it, which is the way I think about it. The other common phrase is, “You wouldn’t want a doctor that cheated his way through medical school, would you?”, to which most of us would say, “Of course not."

That’s the way we should be framing the problem of cheating.

When you cheat, it isn’t you that you’re short-changing; it’s people you haven’t even met yet. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, and engineers have hands-on jobs that require a large skill set and a vast amount of knowledge. The reality is that cutting corners on the academics of any of those professionals could be a matter of life or death, literally.

But the list doesn’t stop there. Individuals in finance, management, education, or even communication fields have an obligation to be well-versed in their specialty. Any of those individuals could say or do one wrong thing and have a profoundly negative impact on the life of an individual, a family, or a company.

Every career has its place in society, and the responsibilities of that career are centered around the assumption that you have earned the position you are in. This assumption is called into question when things like nepotism arise, which is a whole different problem by itself, and when you consider cheating.

If you cheat, especially if you do so consistently, you are not fulfilling the prerequisites for your position and, therefore, will not be able to fulfill your duties properly. The people that are affected by your inability to do your job should not have to suffer.

To put it frankly, either do the work or don’t pursue the career.

Because yes, college gets to be a lot at times. It’s very stressful and overwhelming and, oftentimes, teachers are unforgiving. But that’s life. It’s not meant to be easy, but rather reveal who you are when things get hard.

So be an honest person; if not for yourself, then for all the people whose lives you will impact in the future. Everything you do and learn now is shaping you into the professional you will be in the future, so don’t do yourself, or anyone else, any injustices.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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