The 5 Stages Of Finals Grief

Finals week is finally over. After a very long semester - both for college students and for the rest of the world - it is finally over. We are free elves! Well, at least for the next few weeks. Although this is a happy time, there are definite stages of after-finals feelings; so, without further ado, here are the five stages of after-finals feelings.

1. Denial

Finals week is over, but it never feels that way for the first couple of days. In this stage you might find yourself pacing in your room, trying to think of what other assignments you need to do. You might find yourself checking your school's online resources to make sure you've actually reached the end of the syllabus.

2. Anger

We've all felt it. The anticipation of waiting for grades to be posted. The constant checking your computer, even though you know grades won't be posted for at least another week. Snapping at your family and friends when they ask you about your grades because YOU DON'T KNOW YET; not because you're upset with them but because you need them to be posted.

3. Bargaining

The day of the semi-annual grade posting has arrived. You keep refreshing the page, praying that you made decent grades. You pray to every god you can think of; God, Allah, the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Gods of the Pacific Islands, the Hindu Gods, and any and all others that come to your head because who knows? Maybe whatever higher power there is will hear your pleas.

4. Depression and/or Happiness

You've finally gotten your grades. Now this experience is different for everyone; if you're like me, you're usually pretty okay with what you get. Sometimes you have a bad semester and you just slouch in your chair and cry and others you have a great semester and can't wait to tell everyone you know.

5. Acceptance

Grades are posted which finally brings closure to the semester. You can finally take a breath and enjoy the rest of your break, only to repeat the process all over again next semester.

Finals are tough, but remember that whatever happens this semester, you are a glorious sunfish and your self-worth is not measured by a letter you see on a computer screen.

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