Procrastination is something that I have sadly been a pro at for as long as I can remember. I have always thought that I do my best work under pressure. This may be true when it comes to papers or projects; however, I have found out that it is not as true about studying for tests and making a good grade.

1. The feeling that you have plenty of time

When an assignment or test is first announced, I always seem to think I have so much time to do it. It isn't that important for me to start on it right now. I know that if I have two weeks to get it done that I will eventually get it done so why worry about it now?

2. Thinking about the assignment

This is the time when I realize that I have something important coming up. I know that I should at least be reading over the test material or the rubric for the assignment, but instead I just think about doing those things until it's wayyyy too late.

3. Should have started already

This is when it is the day before the test or assignment. I know I have should have already started at least looking at the work. Maybe I shouldn't have gone out to dinner with my friends every night this week. Should I cancel dinner tonight to work on it? Even though I know I probably should, I'm not going to because I still have to time to get it done tomorrow, right?


The last few minutes before a test or an assignment is due, I am FILLED with stress. I know I do it to myself, but it always happens. I do my best to get it done. Will it be right? Will I get a good grade? I can only hope because I have no time to learn any more by now.