The 2023 Guide to Finding the Best Lead Providers for B2B Companies
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The 2023 Guide to Finding the Best Lead Providers for B2B Companies

B2B Companies

The 2023 Guide to Finding the Best Lead Providers for B2B Companies

If you can't discover leads, you can't generate sales. That's all there is to it. As a result, top lead creation is an essential component of your sales funnel. If you need help determining your sales funnel, read this post. However, locating lead suppliers might take a lot of work.

Lead providers are critical in generating leads for businesses. They provide many methods for acquiring leads. Compare the top Lead providers to generate leads for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has transformed how over 500 million business people from more than 200 countries communicate, making it a useful resource for B2B organizations. Getting started with social selling might be difficult, but it is critical to the success of any B2B firm today.

While LinkedIn may be used to some extent for social selling, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has filters and features to help you narrow your search and identify your ideal customer profile, develop the right list of customers, and boost your chances of conversion. You can filter millions of leads down to the relevant prospects for your business.


SalesIntel is a customer-service-focused B2B data provider with everything from mobile phone numbers to intent data. Additional human verification adds high accuracy to the contact information of decision-makers.

The best part of SalesIntel’s customer service? – If you have a list of prospects that’s not a part of the SalesIntel database, you can use the Research-on-Demand to get the missing data in a few hours.

You can do real-time prospecting and obtain respectable company and contact information with the RevDriver free chrome plugin. As you browse LinkedIn profiles, websites, or other company-connected pages, you can easily collect information on people and organizations. For its wider range of data, features, and more data accessibility at an affordable price, SalesIntel is considered the top ZoomInfo alternative.


Cognism is an excellent sales intelligence tool. To generate corporate and event data for new enterprises, the organization employs AI and human verification. By joining the site, you have access to technographics, firmographics, emails, and telephone numbers.

The application offers a basic mobile app as well as a Chrome extension. They also maintain "do not call" lists in order to avoid annoying any consumers. You will be able to reduce manual research, administration, and calling wrong numbers.


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform with a large contact database and can assist your sales team with lead generation, market research, and insight-driven interaction. It offers B2B analytics and corporate contact information to help you power your go-to-market strategy.

You may obtain the phone numbers and confirmed email addresses of top executives and key business ties, such as the Chief Strategy Officer or a Senior Sales Executive. However, you must pay extra to access data such as direct dialing, intent data, and so on. Prospect lists may also be utilized to increase sales prospects and conversion rates. looks for valuable clients' or customers' email addresses. You can enter the company name and receive an email from the firm. Hunter lets you start your B2b demand generation process by discovering email addresses for contacts you want to target.

They provide lead generation services for email finding and email verification. You may get your initial email addresses on their website, but you must create a free account first.


LeadFuze allows you to gather contact information for particular individuals or all employees at a company.

You may enter a comprehensive list of firms and find everyone in certain divisions inside those businesses. Furthermore, if you want to use Leadfuze as your sole automated system.

Fuzebot, LeadFuze's AI list builder, can be configured to automatically add new daily leads that fit your criteria to your list.


FindThatLead is a business-to-business lead generation platform that contains a Lead Search, Email Verifier, Email Sender, Social Search, and Prospector. It assists your sales staff by giving daily leads, engaging with decision-makers in your sector, screening your target prospects, and automating the lead production process.

FindThatLead expedites the process of locating suitable leads for your sales team. Instead of sitting idle waiting for leads, you'll have a crowded sales room with salespeople spending more time on the phone, closing new deals.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is another B2B lead generation program that may help you generate excellent leads.

Voila Norbert is a market intelligence software that allows you to uncover fresh email addresses.

Like most lead-generation firms, Voila Norbert helps you identify methods to contact individuals for sales, hiring, content marketing, and company development.

They also provide an API and several connectors for integration into your marketing stack.


Aeroleads is a web-based software solution that searches for email addresses and other information about fresh prospects on sites such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and AngelList. When available, the tool will also provide website addresses and contact information for each new contact, including phone numbers and email addresses, which you can then aggregate and export as a CSV file for prospecting. Using the Chrome addon, you can transform LinkedIn prospects into leads.


In the market, there are various lead suppliers. Every organization offers its own set of services in order to create leads for its clientele. Every company's approach to lead generation is unique. It's all about which provider is the best fit for your checklist of lead providers.

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