For all the non millennials who never under stand what we are saying, here's a dictionary of our most commonly used slang words.

1. Lit

Lit can be used in a variety of different ways. Most commonly used as "It's lit". "Its lit" is our way of saying that we are having fun. Another common use of the term lit is "I'm lit", meaning you're lit because you're hammered or you're lit because you're excited for something. Examples: "Come downtown I'm lit right now" or "I am so lit to go downtown later".

2. Shook/Shooketh

One of my most used terms. "I'm shook" means that you can't believe what you are seeing, or hearing. For example, when the world found out about Bella Thorne and Scott Disick's love affair the whole world was shooketh.

3. Legit

Seems accurate. "No, I promise it's legit" meaning: I promise that it's reputable. Legit is one of those words that you overuse just like the word "literally". Legit is also just as overused and added for an extra oomph. For example: "Yeah, I legit really like this guy".


YAH YEEEEET. This word can be used in two different ways. 1. To express excitement, 2. To show that you're weirded out and need to evacuate the situation. When using this word for when you're excited many will use the phrase "yah yeeeeet," meaning "YES" or "YAY". When in a situation where you need to gtfo you would use "YEEET" to indicate that you are very much weirded out by whatever situation you are in.

5. Daddy

To put it in the simplest terms, "daddy" means that a guy is hot. For example, when you see a picture of Channing Tatum your response would be "Yes, he is daddy af," meaning "yes, he is extremely good looking."

6. Thicc

Pay attention to the detail. "Thicc" is very different from "thick." Thicc with two c's means that a girl is curvy in the best way possible. You would commonly here this term being used when guys say "Damn, Rihanna is thicc af."


GOAT means "Greatest of all Time." Usually describing an athlete, performer or other public entertainers. One may say "Chance the Rapper is the GOAT" or "Kobe is the GOAT, meaning they are both the greatest of all time.

8. Dank

DANK means its really good. Like when you get mozzarella sticks at Arby's you would classify them as being DANK, because they are so delicious.

9. Savage

When you do or say something that shocks people, you would be classified as a "savage." For example, if someone challenges you to do something and they say "you won't," and you do whatever they've challenged you today, you would be considered a "savage."

10. Woke

Stay woke my people. "Woke" means to stay educated in any and all aspects of the world. Continuing to "stay woke" when it comes to politics, music, history, etc. means you're educating yourself on current events.