Tinder has a unique set of people on there, some of which make you question not only your own sanity but theirs. The characters that you meet on Tinder make for some interesting stories and always a laugh. Here are some of the favorite people we have met on Tinder!

1. The guy who says he's 6'4" but is actually 4'6".

2. The guy who only has group photos and avoids the question when you ask which one he is.

3. The 12-year-old posing as a 26-year-old.

4. The guy who doesn't even bother having a conversation and just sends the word "sex."

5. The guy who only has pictures of cars.

6. The asshole who has "swipe left if..." in his bio.

7. The guy who has pictures with his ex-girlfriend.

8. The guy who is just trying to "make friends."

9. The guy that just has one picture...can you say sketch?

10. The guy with 300 mutual friends and you see every day.