One of the many experiences college bestows upon us is the experience of having a roommate. Whether it is your best friend, a sibling, or random student, having a roommate has its ups and downs. Up: you split the bills in half, Down: less privacy. After living with two roommates for the past three years it has become apparent to me that there are crucial rules to be followed for all parties to be at peace.

One might even call these the 10 Roommate Commandments:

1. Thou shall not leave a mountain of dishes in the sink

^ ^ ^ Me every time someone claims that the bowl they used three days ago has to "soak" in the sink before they can put it in the dishwasher.

2. Thou shall not eat another roommate's food without asking

I don't care if you just came home from the bar and are craving food, if you eat my leftover Olive Garden I will have to murder you. That's just how it is

3. Thou shall not be passive aggressive

If your roommate is ever upsetting you the worst thing to do is to not be upfront about it. Openness is key in fixing problems.

4. Thou shall not blare one's music or TV at ridiculous hours of the night

^ ^ ^ Me if you ever wake me up.

5. Thou shall clean up after one's self

Ya know, just basic human decency.

6. Thou shall notify the roommate if one plans on throwing a party

Just give them a heads up so they aren't completely thrown when they come how from work and see 15 people in their living room.

7. Thou shall not borrow their roommates' clothes without asking

I live with two boys so I do not have to really worry about this one, but it is still a very important commandment for those it does apply to.

8. Thou shall not be a bitch

^ ^ ^ The always wise Selena Gomez is correct, bitches are everywhere, so don't be one in you and your roommate's home.

9. Thou shall not constantly have one's insane BF/GF over

If you and your BF or GF are going through a rough patch and constantly fighting, don't force your roommate to have to awkwardly be around it all the time.

10. If at all possible, be a dog

Dogs > Humans. Every time.