It's finally that time of year where one of the most important holidays of the year is coming up: Thanksgiving. It is certainly one of my favorite holidays, and I think it should be everyone else's.

Most people think of Thanksgiving as a day where piles and piles of food can be devoured, or malls will open up and have their stores on sale for 50% off. Even though both of those things are true, that is not what should be remembered after a Thanksgiving feast. It's a holiday of giving thanks, a time where it needs to be spent with family and everyone needs to be shown how much they are appreciated. Malls are now opening up on Thanksgiving Day, taking people away from their families and it's just sad to think that owners of these companies care more about money in their pocket than sharing a holiday with the ones they love. Even though there is nothing we can do to stop this from happening, we need to realize that it is much more important to spend time with your family compared to going to the mall to save a couple bucks on a brand new flat screen TV.

When I was younger, I really had no idea what Thanksgiving was all about. My parents are divorced, so I would go to two different houses and just eat so much food, then watch football. Life was good, but I was always annoyed with family members. I just wanted to watch football and get away from everyone. Looking back, I regret how I acted toward my family members and I wish I could change how I acted. Obviously, I cannot, but now I know how important it is to give thanks. My family has been my biggest supporter no matter what I am going through, and they deserve all the time in the world. No matter how much food is on the table or who is sitting around the dining room table, it is important to know that your family is always going to be there for you. It is extremely important to show the love you have for them by simply enjoying all their company this coming Thanksgiving. The NFL games can wait, they really are not that important. When you need love or help, the NFL is not going to be there to help you. You can easily watch the highlights of the games the next morning, while you wake up from your food coma. The people that surround you when you are eating Thanksgiving dinner are going to be there to help you. In addition to that, going to the mall to try and capitalize on all the sales at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day is just a horrible way to get out of spending time with your family. Unfortunately, I had to work at the time the past two years, and I never want to do it again. I missed so much quality time with my family, and I hope people realize that when they go out shopping. The time you spend with your family is the best way to give thanks to them and is extremely important. Time is something that can never be given back, we only have so much of it to give. Why not spend it with the one's that you love, the people that are going to support you through every struggle in triumph in your life?

Please remember that this Thanksgiving, this time with your family is much more important than you think.

Happy Thanksgiving!