Thanksgiving Meal Contributions For Lazy People

16 Thanksgiving Meal Contributions For Lazy People Who Can't Show Up Empty Handed

When in doubt, just bring a bottle of wine.


So, you've been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend or relative's home. Your parents raised you to never show up to an occasion empty-handed, but you don't have time to cook a gourmet dish. There are plenty of reasons for this, and none of them are invalid.

If you're struggling to come up with something easy to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, fear not! These 16 ideas offer some solutions.

1. A veggie platter

You can buy a vegetable platter straight from the food store, but if you don't want to be that lazy, you can also create your own. You can find carrots, celery and broccoli already chopped into platter-sized pieces. All you'll need to do is arrange the vegetables — and figure out what you want to dip them in. Ranch and hummus are probably your safest bet.

If you really want to get fancy, you can also make a turkey out of your vegetables. But then, you probably wouldn't be looking at this list if you wanted to work that hard, now would you?

2. Slow cooker mashed potatoes

OK, so you don't want to be the person who shows up with mashed potatoes straight from the box. That's understandable.

Luckily, you don't need to go through too much trouble to make mashed potatoes from scratch. If you own a slow cooker, it will do most of the work for you.

3. Maple-glazed carrots

With this recipe, you might succeed at getting your relatives to eat — and even enjoy — their vegetables this Thanksgiving. All you need to do is marinate carrots in maple syrup. It doesn't take long, and it tastes delicious!

4. Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a classic Thanksgiving side, and it's one that's super easy to make. For a simple cranberry sauce like this one, all you'll really need is a bag of frozen cranberries, lemon and sugar. Of course, if you do have a little extra time, you can also add some flavor with pomegranates or other fruits.

5. Salad

Bringing a salad might sound boring, but you actually have plenty of options when it comes to making one for Thanksgiving dinner. You can go the classic route, bringing a basic salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Or you can spice things up with fruits or less-common vegetables.

Whatever you decide to do, the guests dieting through Thanksgiving will be grateful for your contribution.

6. Macaroni and cheese

If you're above the age of 18, it's probably best to avoid bringing Kraft or Velveeta to Thanksgiving dinner (unless you relish in hearing your relatives complain about 'these damned millennials').

Don't fret, though. Believe it or not, homemade macaroni and cheese isn't so difficult to make — even if it does take a bit more effort than making it out of the box. Plus, you can add whatever toppings you want and use the slow cooker to help.

7. Garlic bread

Given that garlic bread often comes with fancy Italian meals, you may associate it with gourmet cooking. But it's simple to make on your own — and the only ingredients you really need are bread, garlic powder, parsley and butter.

Bring some oil or marinara sauce to dip the bread in if you want to look like you really gave this some thought.

8. Stuffing

Let me guess. You love stuffing, but you don't want to make the one out of the box. The guests will notice, after all.

You're in luck. With this easy stuffing recipe, you'll have homemade stuffing in no time. Who knew you just needed to mix and bake croutons and bread with the other ingredients, then bake?

You can cut out the turkey, too, to make this vegetarian-friendly and even easier on yourself.

9. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob blends surprisingly well with other Thanksgiving side dishes, and you can seriously just buy it at the store and bake it. As long as there's plenty of butter, the guests won't care where it came from!

10. Monkey bread

OK, monkey bread is a delicious dessert that does require some effort to make. But, in comparison to most other desserts, it's not so time-consuming.

All you'll need to do is cut up biscuits, marinate the pieces in sugar and cinnamon, and bake them in a pan. So, yes. It's a bit more effort than the other recipes on this list. But once you try it, you'll realize that it was so, so worth it.

11. Fruit kabobs

If you're searching for a far easier dessert, bring fruit kabobs to Thanksgiving! These require absolutely no cooking on your part. Just chop up your desired fruits and put them on a kabob stick. It's actually that simple.

12. Chocolate covered strawberries

You can also stick with one fruit and make chocolate covered strawberries. This will be significantly easier if you own a fondue pot, but there are also recipes that make do without one.

13. Mini pies

Everyone loves dessert, and mini pies are easy to make (and transport). All you need to do is grab mini pie crusts and whatever filling you want — apple and pumpkin filling are usually available in the supermarket, so you won't even need to do much preparation.

Bring ice cream or whipped cream to really "wow" Thanksgiving guests.

14. Candy corn cupcakes

We can probably all agree that cupcakes are not much of a hassle to bake. And for the holidays, all you need is a little zest with the toppings. Add orange and yellow sprinkles or candy corn to the top, and your cupcakes will look great with all of the other Thanksgiving desserts.

15. Apple cider sangria

If you're the person who likes to bring alcohol, but you don't want to just bring a bottle of wine this year, try making this apple cider sangria. It's festive, and once you've done all the chopping and mixing, the majority of the creation process takes place sitting in the refrigerator.

16. Wine

When in doubt, you can always just bring a bottle of wine. Showing up with wine is always deemed classy, especially if it's a decent brand. And whose relatives don't want to be smashed for the holidays?

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The Unspoken Dangers of 'Mukbang' Culture

Ever wondered why you can't stop clicking on these addictive, self-made eating shows?


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you've probably heard of the internet trend commonly referred to as a mukbang, or "eating show." These self-produced video clips typically involve one hungry individual, their filming device, and an obscene amount of delicious foods.

Though these broadcasts originated all the way from South Korea (hence the foreign vocabulary), the growing popularity of eating videos has taken the internet by storm. Nowadays as you scroll through YouTube, you'll find an outrageous amount of uploads with titles like "10,000 CALORIE PASTA MUKBANG," "EATING EVERYTHING ON THE MCDONALD'S MENU," or "THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE."

Popular 'mukbangers' such as Peggie Neo, Megan McCullom, and Steven Sushi have made a sizable profit off of their viral eating shows, some collecting tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

So, what's the big deal you say? You order a large quantity of food, indulge in said food, film yourself completing this menial task, and upload to the internet for money and fame. On the outside, this may seem like a luxurious lifestyle, but behind the camera lens sits an individual battling their own demons and influencing the world of social media to partake in their harmful behaviors.

Mukbanger Livia Adams ("Alwayshungry" on YouTube) has opened up about her unhealthy relationship with food in the past, praising herself for fasting several hours in order to justify her over-indulgence on camera.

Similarly, internet sensation Trisha Paytas claims to diet and starve herself for weeks just to be able to satisfy her subscribers with epic mukbangs, which are essentially binges.

In all actuality, these social media celebrities are negatively impacting (and possibly triggering) vulnerable viewers.

Many fans only see the highlight reel of YouTubers shoveling bowls of cereal or boxes of doughnuts into their mouths, yet remain completely unaware of what truly goes on behind-the-scenes. Messages saying:

"I'm on a diet... watching this is giving me some sort of satisfaction, like as tho I ate, you know?"
"I watch these videos because I know I physically can't afford to eat like this because I gain weight too easily."
"When having an eating disorder, watching Trisha's mukbangs is sorta comforting in a way omg"

flood the comments sections of Paytas' videos. Quite obviously, fans young and old are heavily influenced by this content and continue to support these creators to fulfill a self-destructive need.

Additionally, famous mukbang accounts never seem to include the painful after-effects of their ginormous feasts in videos. Fitness model Stephanie Buttermore flaunts her slim physique just days after consuming over 10,000 calories for a challenge, giving the impression that her previous overindulgence had no repercussions on her health whatsoever. Because Buttermore is a trained, athletic young woman, she was able to quickly bounce back after a series of workouts and low-calorie meals.

On the contrary, if a sedentary woman of about the same age were to attempt this challenge, she would most likely feel sluggish, irritable, bloated, stomach discomfort, and even vomitous post challenge. Eating regularly like this could lead to bigger issues such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Unfortunately, because topics like these aren't glamorous and attractive to subscribers, mukbangers often edit them out.

Now don't get me wrong. Though not everyone who uploads a mukbang to the internet has an eating disorder or an evil agenda, they have to realize the kind of audience they're appealing to. This generation is more susceptible than ever to emulate the actions and words of their favorite celebrities. Young boys and girls look up to successful adults, and influencers should be remembered for the change they inspired, not the disease they encouraged.

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Do Not Be Ungrateful This Thanksgiving, Here Are 33 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful

We do not spend enough time being thankful, and that is unfair


Thanksgiving is a beautiful, unique and American holiday. Thanksgiving is about food, about family, but especially is about being thankful. I know, we spend a lot of our time complaining about several things, our job, our professor, our boss, our partner, our family, ourselves, our politicians, our favorite artist, our car and much more.

We do not spend enough time being thankful, and that is unfair. We have many reasons to say thanks; I give you thirty-three. Here are my reasons to be thankful (and I think they are yours too):

1. Our family. Even if you don’t like them, they made you like you are.

2. To be alive. You may not like your life, but it is an opportunity.

3. To live in the US. Have you seen all the people in the world who want to live here? The US is a country full of opportunities.

4. Our jobs. I don’t like mine either, but it pays my bill, and it reminds me I can do something better.

5. Our schools/colleges/universities. We are so lucky because we have the chance to study.

6. To vote. It took thousands of years to get the right to vote and chose our representatives, governors, presidents, senator and others (if you’re a woman or part of a minority you must be more thankful).

7. For Facebook. The best way to know our friends and relatives’ lives

8. For our favorite TV shows. We are living in the golden age of TV; we are so lucky (and we have TV Reboots & Revivals).

9. We can dream. We can change our lives; we can choose our destiny. Half of the people in the world do not have that chance.

10. For love. It does not matter if you have a partner or you don’t; enjoy the fact you have your stories and you will have more.

11. For babies, puppies, cats and dogs. What would we do with all those hours watching their videos on Youtube?

12. Free sexuality. We are living in the time where you can be anything you want, and you can love anybody you want. Just think, fifty years ago, we were prisoners of society.

13. “Game of Thrones” is back in April 2019. We have been waiting too long.

14. For books. Reading makes us better people.

15. For Instagram. Food never was more important than now. IG is the best way to know how our celebrities’ lives are.

16. For our friends. I cannot imagine my life without my friends; they are my rock and the best support in the worse moments.

17. For Netflix. How did we spend our Sundays before?

18. We are the last generation who can handle climate change and save the world.

19. For Christmas. 

20. For your kids. I am talking about your own, your nephews, nieces, siblings, godchildren, step kids, even your neighbors.

21. For alcohol and all the good memories (and really bad decisions), it made us have.

22. Freedom of the press. Today more than any other time we must be thankful about freedom of the press (and we must protect it).

23. For our health. Even if you are not completely healthy, you are in the era where medicine is available and improving every second.

24. For #Metoo movement. Finally, we can share our experiences and stop them for the next generations.

25. For traveling. You can go to Australia, Madagascar, France or Chile if you want. There are no limits.

26. For freedom.

27. For second chances. We all need them in all the moments of our lives.

28. For food. Because it makes our lives better and delicious.

29. For memes. Now each picture has a huge potential to be famous.

30. For God or the Gods. Be thankful because you have somebody who listens to your prays.

31. For the Future. Because we can make it.

32. For the past. Because it is our history.

33. For the present. We are living the best of all the times. Today, most of the social movements have had important advances. It is easier to be a woman, a minority, a refugee, an immigrant or have a disability. 

Yes, probably I am missing some important motives to be thankful which means there are dozens of more reasons. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

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