Mom, If I'm Half The Mother You Are, I'll Know I Did Something Right
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Mom, If I'm Half The Mother You Are, I'll Know I Did Something Right

You are my hero.

Mom, If I'm Half The Mother You Are, I'll Know I Did Something Right
Isabelle Adler

Thank you for bringing me into this world and believing in me before I could myself. For pushing me to be my best and putting your life on hold to focus on mine.

Thank you for telling me I was beautiful since day one. When I was at my largest, ugliest, and lowest. For always seeing the glimmer in my eyes and the spark. For always making me feel my best when I was at my worst.

Thank you for teaching me morals and values. For making it clear that I should treat everyone the way they I want to be treated. For teaching me how to trust the universe and believe in myself. For promoting self love and love overall.

Thank you for forcing me to believe I am princess and only good enough for a prince. For teaching me that I need to love myself before anyone can love me. For teaching me that romance is not dead and that I deserve roses and candy and praise at my feet. For teaching me that I am enough for my myself and anyone else.

Thank you for pampering me with only the best. From hypoallergenic diapers to homemade baby food, you really outdid yourself. For the home cooked meals weekly and packed lunches daily. For the muffins when I was having a bad day and the homeopathic remedies to cure all my colds.

Thank you for teaching me healthy ways. For the gluten free dairy free lessons and the eat right for your blood type facts etched into my brain. For making me aware of what is good and bad for my body. For teaching me to love cooking, baking, and preparing all things good and right.

Thank you for being my TV series cuddle on the couch always buddy. For the late night This Is Us tear sessions and laugh so hard we cry youtube videos. For always wanting to watch new shows and be together for as long as possible. For the late night laughs and gossip sessions.

Thank you for allowing me to explore who I was and am all my life. For letting me embarrass myself by wearing tutus one year too long because I wanted to be a princess. Thank you for letting me be one. You taught me to not care about what others think, thank you for that.

Thank for the two hour long phone calls so I can vent all my college life related issues to you. Thank you for always listening. For always caring and providing me with advice and stability. Thank you for being the best and only therapist I will ever need.

Thank you for teaching me to be altruistic. For showing me the ropes of life and making it clear that I am worth it.

If I end up to be as good of a mother to my children as you are to me, then I know I did something right.

Thank you, Mom.

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