I told this to a close friend of mine: "I am so happy saying goodbye to you is so hard. Kind of sounds like a weird thing to say, but after thinking a lot about all of the goodbyes I have said this past month, I am thankful that it gave me a little bit of heartache."

While leaving to study abroad, I had to say so many goodbyes and I truly am not the best at saying goodbye, either.

Saying goodbye is usually not forever statement, but it can still be sad and painful. That is when I discovered how happy I was to feel that way.

I am beyond thankful that saying goodbye sucks.


My family is incredible

They truly don't know how much their love and support means to me. This past break I have been blessed to spend so much quality time at home relaxing and preparing for a new adventure. Saying goodbye to my family was extremely tough, but I know that they are so happy I am going after a dream. Sometimes, times in life like this grow each other closer, and over this past break, I can say that it brought my family and me together more than I could have ever expected.

I enjoy my home

I love my home and I love my school. Leaving school was more difficult than I expected, especially knowing that I will be there next semester back in the same routine. But, saying goodbye to close friends and the environment I was in and truly enjoyed was hard. Over break, I also loved coming home and relaxing to the max. I realized how much I will miss a cozy fireplace and a cute puppy.

I have true friends

How can I leave all of these amazing friends? From school or home, these people in my life are more amazing than I ever expected. Saying goodbye was so hard, knowing I won't have the familiarity of my best friend by my side — but that's how I know what an amazing friend she is and what an amazing group of friends I have.

I appreciate where I come from

I am BEYOND excited to be studying abroad and I think a lot of that comes from how much I appreciate where I come from. With that appreciation, I will be able to really indulge in other cultures and see them for how they are.

But that doesn't mean don't chase your dream...this will all be waiting when you get back.