Thankful For My Sisters

I spent the majority of this week alone. Both of my sisters were either out of town, out of state, or out of the country. Wherever they found themselves this week, I was alone at my house with just my father. This is the first time my whole life when this has happened. Being a middle child, I always have had one of my two sisters with me. Although I love my dad endlessly, it's definitely different to be the only child at home for a long period of time. I give my little sister incredible praise for being an only child for up to four months at a time while myself and my older sister are away at college. I can't even imagine being alone for that long.

Even though we do fight often, I'll never have the same bond that I have with my sisters. They're the only people in my life who have truly been there with me through everything. Of course my parents have literally carried me through my entire life, but their love is entirely different than that of sister love. When I look toward the future, I always picture myself living close to my sisters and going on various trips to different events with them. I want my sisters to always be in my life.

I grew up with two very different representations of sisterhood from my mother and father. My mother and all of her sisters fight often, hang up on each other and sometimes never see each other for years. My fathers' sisters on the other hand, are constantly visiting each other and always laughing about childhood. I want my sisters and I to always be best friends.

As I am entering my young adult years, my relationship with my sisters is stronger than it ever has been. I am confident that our bonds will outlast any small arguments we may have with each other because we have truly been through enough to survive.

After spending a week as an only child, I only miss my sisters more than I ever have. I am lucky that I have grown up with two sisters who love me and who will always be there for me and I wouldn't want my life any other way.

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