Thank You Daddy

Thank You Daddy

I will forever and always be your little girl, as you will forever be my favorite man!

You will always be my favorite love. You are my first love, and you teach me what love is all about. You teach me right from wrong and you set the example for what I want to become. I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve done, do, and will do for me.

I love you, Dad.

Thanks for teaching me right from wrong.

This allowed me to become a better person. I know it wasn’t always easy and I fought back a lot, but thank you. If you hadn't have been so hard on me while I was growing up, I wouldn’t be the amazing person I am today.

Thank you for clearing my room out while I was at school.

When I came home from Elementary school that day, I was really mad... but it taught me a good lesson. I never got up that many times at night or refused to go to school again. It also gave me story share and to laugh about when I got older.

Thank you for always being a phone call away.

I love it when something isn’t going the right way... I can just call you and you’ll help me solve the problem. I love that, no matter if it’s something good or something bad, you are able to pick me up. You always know how to solve the problems, and when you don’t know how, you figure out a way.

Thank you for always being supportive.

Thank you for no matter what I’m doing being supportive. I know sometimes guard contests get boring, spending all day there to watch me for 5 minutes, but thanks for always being able to support me. Thanks for always pushing me to do bigger and better things. Thanks for pushing me to go in the direction of my dreams, even if there isn’t money in it.

Thank you for making me work.

Thank you for teaching me the definition of work. Thanks for teaching me how to count back change and not have to use the register. Thanks for making me spend long, hot days in the greenhouse selling flowers and loading dirt. Thanks for teaching me how to take care of animals and how important it is to work with them. Thank you for teaching me the definition of hard work, and what it means to work hard for your money. Thank you for teaching me the things a lot of people nowadays complain about doing.

Thank you for helping me with my blazer.

Thanks for helping me turn my blazer into a real piece of art. Thanks for always knowing what to do with my sound system, wheels, and my lights. Thanks for always being able to put on my decals, even if you say it’s too hot. Thanks for always knowing how to fix it when it breaks, or when my sound system gets all outta wack. Thanks for helping me relive your high school years through my blazer!

Thank you for the memories.

Thank you for all the memories. These will be the stories we laugh about when we are older. These will be the stories we share with the family. The memories are the things that make me smile. I see an old picture of us, and I think back to those memories. Even if it is just building a set of corn hole boards or selling fireworks together. I love every single moment, small and large.

Thank you for the lessons.

Thank you for everything you've taught me. Without you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. All these lessons have made me into the wonderful young lady I am. These lessons will be ones I pass on to my students and future children. Every lesson, big and small, impacts my life in a big way.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being yourself! Thanks for showing me that it’s okay to have a little fun when you’re out with friends. Thanks for sharing with me the balance between being serious and having fun. Thanks for being yourself and showing me how to be an amazing person. I hope to be like you some day.

Thank you for loving mom.

Thank you for showing me what true love is. Thank you for showing me how a man should really treat his woman. I strive to have a relationship, like the one you and mom share. Thanks for showing me that relationships aren’t all about being serious, that they’re about supporting each other, and having fun. Thanks for teaching me that sometimes relationships are a rollercoaster but in the end, they’re one of the best rides to be on.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for always loving me. Thank you for everything you do for me. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You always make me feel so special and I love you to the moon and back.

No matter where this crazy life takes us, you'll always be my number one. You will always be my first call when something goes wrong, or when I get super excited about something. You will always be my first and favorite love. I love you to the moon and back daddy.

Buddies Forever.

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To That One Friend Who Deserves The World

Since I can't give you the world, I hope giving you this article is enough.

My wonderful friend,

You deserve love.

You deserve to marry your best friend.

You deserve appreciation.

You deserve that no matter who comes in and out of your life, every selfless thing you do for someone is acknowledged.

Have Your Voice Heard: Become an Odyssey Creator

You deserve kindness.

You deserve to have the nicest people in the world surround you all of the time.

You deserve support.

You deserve to have someone there for you at the beginning of every good day and at the end of every bad one, to have someone who wants to fix all of your problems.

You deserve hope.

You deserve to always be optimistic.

You deserve laughter.

You deserve to never stop smiling and actually mean it every time you do.

You deserve forgiveness.

You deserve to be able to be given second chances because without a doubt you are worth it.

You deserve friendship.

You deserve to have a friend who can be just as good of a friend as you are.

You deserve honesty.

You deserve to always be told the truth.

You deserve motivation.

You deserve to never want to give up and always push yourself.

You deserve success.

You deserve to have everything you have worked so hard for.

You deserve faith.

You deserve to always know it will get better.

You deserve loyalty.

You deserve to have that one person who will never leave and always be there for you.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve to be genuinely content with your life.

You deserve the world.

If I could give it to you, I would.

Yes, life gets tough sometimes. The unthinkable happens and your world feels like it is crashing down but you can get past all of this.

Thank you for being so selfless. It amazes me how you do it sometimes, but thank you for always making everyone your main priority when they need you.

I know I may not say it enough, but truly thank you for all you do for me. I don’t always know how to show how much someone means to me, especially when it is someone as great as you because I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but thank you.

I love you.

Cover Image Credit: Liz Spence

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Here's Your Reminder To Let The People You Care About KNOW That You Love Them

It's so scary to think that one moment everything is fine and then something happens so out of no where and out of your control.


Last week I stared at my phone screen, not believing what my friend had just told me. Our close friend's father had just passed. I didn't know him well, but there was still a huge knot in my stomach, obviously feeling awful for my friend. That has to be one of the most horrible things, that I could never in a million years imagine having to go through. I told my friend I was thinking of her, but honestly, I tried to push it out of my mind that entire week. It's so scary to think that one moment everything is fine and then something like this happens so out of nowhere and out of your control.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are unexplainable. This semester has had its ups and downs for me, but it's been pretty smooth sailing overall. I usually gladly stay on campus for the weekends, surrounded by my friends and so much going on, rather than taking the hour-long train ride home. Of course, I miss my family, but I am rarely thinking about it, especially on a Friday night.

This past weekend, however, I had this overwhelming desire to be at home for the weekend, and I couldn't figure out why. Sure, I had more work to do than normal so going home would probably force me to be more productive. I had also been sick that week, so it would be easier to kick my cold in the comfort of my own home than in my dorm. And as much as I adore Brower (not really), it can never hurt to get a good home cooked meal. I kept telling myself I would be home for spring break in two weeks, so none of these reasons really added up to my wanting to be home for the weekend.

Nevertheless, after a late date night on Friday, I decided to pack up my things early Saturday morning and haul my duffel bag to the train. And by the end of my weekend at home, I realized why I needed to be there so badly. I hadn't really confronted how hearing about the loss made me feel and how it was affecting me.

Writing this sounds selfish. Why should it matter how I feel when someone I care about is over there grieving and going through such immense pain? But after a week of pushing it out of my mind, I saw these events as an eye opener for my own life. Even though I have a really close bond with my own father, we fight a lot more often than I'd like, and sometimes I need a reminder to just let things go. I don't show it enough, but I love my dad so much and need to be grateful for the important role he plays in my life.

It sounds like stating the obvious to preach the importance of cherishing every second because you don't know when will be the last, but we often forget. No one should have to suffer through loss, and it scares me the more and more I think about it. I wish there was such a thing as the perfect thing to say to help someone through such an unexplainable situation like this. I guess all you can do is be there for them, give the people you love a hug, and appreciate the little moments you're lucky enough to spend with family.

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