A Thank You To The Best Older Brother A Girl Could Ask For

A Thank You To The Best Older Brother A Girl Could Ask For

To a legend and an amazing brother, this one's for Harrison.

It's hard to put into words how thankful you could be for somebody. My older brother is the one of those people I can always turn to and is my best friend through it all.

Although we are hours apart studying for our futures, I know that Harrison is always a phone call away to edit my essays or cheer me up when I am having a bad day. No matter what the situation is, Harrison will drop what he is doing to help his little sister.

First and foremost, those of you who know me also know Harrison. We are the dynamic duo. We are two peas in a pod. Everybody is constantly telling me how lucky I am to have a brother like him, as if I didn't already know.

Growing up, we would be best friends one moment, and fighting the next. We played. We fought. We cried. We laughed. And at the end of everyday, we loved each other more than the last.

Having Harrison by my side through out my parent's divorce made things a lot easier. He would always make me laugh to take my mind off of things. Without his consistent humor, the entire process would have been much worse.

In 8th grade, I helped Harrison pack up to leave for college. I never talk about this day since it was one of the worst days of my life. My best friend left me to go become the successful person he was always meant to be. I no longer had someone to laugh with or fight with. His room was empty and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Even though we had phones and computers to video chat and text, it was never the same. There were no more iMovie videos, tutoring sessions that turn into screaming brawls, and scary movie nights.

It was hard to be happy for him when he was miles away and I was now an only child. I knew that I had to be strong, but how was I supposed to be happy when I knew that I would be coming home to his empty bedroom.

I knew that going into high school without my older brother by my side would be difficult, but he always made time for me and helped me whenever I needed him. I told him anything and everything. Sometimes, I told him too much. Either way, he was an ear that would listen to all my problems and I knew that no matter what I did he would always love me.

Thanksgiving became my new favorite holiday because he would fly home and things would feel normal again. Even though Thanksgiving was a week and Christmas was a month, it was only temporary and soon he would be back up at college.

During these times, I cherished every moment. The fighting became minimum and the bond became stronger.

Now, as a college student, I am constantly calling Harrison to talk about my day, revise my essays, and update him on anything going on in my life. Not only does Harrison help me with my work, he is always lending a hand to my friends and helping them with completely different subjects. I am so thankful for my built in tutor.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for my brother and I. He is studying to become a lawyer and I couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments. He is my role model and I am his number one fan. No one can beat Harrison Kay.

Happy 24th Birthday!

Love always, Your favorite sister,


Cover Image Credit: Marlee Kay via Facebook

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Having A Little Brother Can Drive You Crazy But He Is Still The Best Gift

At the end of the day you wouldn't want it any other way.

There once was a time when I found out I was having a little brother and I felt as if the world was cursing me. My young sister and I literally threw ourselves on the ground and begged our parents not to have a baby brother and to “switch” him out for a girl. The thought of a boy running around our house and leaving his boy germs all over the place was repulsive to say the least. But now, I can’t imagine my life without my little brother.

Being five years older, watching him grow literally and metaphorically has been an incredible experience. I’ve seen him change over the years from a naïve little toddler into a respectful kid. One of the best moments I share with my brother is when he has trouble sleeping and comes to me and we watch a movie or talk until he falls asleep. There’s nothing more special than when your sibling comes to you when they’re scared or troubled.

I’ve seen him get better at sports to the point where I was actually jealous at how fast he learned new skills and mastered them. For instance, the kid literally switched from snowboarding to skiing in one day and surpassed my (mediocre) skills within minutes.

Another luxury I have had is to teach him the things that I know like how to treat people. I know that he looks up to his two older sisters, so I always felt like I needed to be my best self so that he would know to do so as well. And he did just that. He became his best self and more. His kindness is overwhelming and every single person he meets comments on his outstanding manners. It is so important to me that he respects others because that is truly the most important quality one can have in my opinion.

Most of all, I am so grateful to always have a little brother there to squeeze and make fun of because to me he will always be my little brother. There are times I wish I could get back at him for hitting me and chipping my tooth or the time he hit me in the head with a metal bat, but at the end of the day, you get past that stuff. I get past that stuff because I love my little brother so much that the little things just don’t matter.

I wonder what my life would be like without him. I know that it would be so much duller. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I would not care as much about respect and being a role model. While maybe I would be less bruised, my life would be much less purposeful without my little brother.
Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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10 Signs You Are The Oldest Sibling

You’re born with three jobs: chauffeur, babysitter and tutor.

Since the beginning of time, it’s been an argument on who has life made more. Each level of birth order has its pros and cons, as well as its common stereotypes. For example, the youngest is always spoiled. Or the middle child is always the troubled one. As someone who is the oldest child in her family, of course, I see the pros and cons of my birth order. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change anything about the timing of when I was born. It’s been the best thing for me, and I wouldn’t change it if I had the ability to. Here’s why I LOVE being the oldest:

1. You have the most responsibility

As the oldest, you’re the guinea pig child. That means your parents have to test out the rules and the do’s and don't’s. It can sometimes be a difficult concept because your parents expect that since you’re the oldest, you’re the most responsible. Even when they haven’t taught you, from a young age you’re supposed to hold the most responsibility.

2. You get the blame for everything

Even if you had nothing to do with the situation, you’ll still get the blame because you either know better or should have been there to help tell your sibling right from wrong. By the time you’re in the double digits, you can already predict what’s going to happen to you…even if you weren’t there at all.

3. You’re a second parent

Because you are now responsible for helping take care of your younger siblings, you’ve become like a second parent to them. You not only have to take care of them and help them at all times, they may sometimes even come to you for advice. You’re the person they can look up to and talk to without being embarrassed or feeling awkward, which is what they would feel with a parent. Sometimes this can be a really rewarding benefit of being the oldest.

4. You’ve used the “I’m older” card

In order to get your way during arguments, you’ve whipped out this statement once or twice. If you want the remote to watch TV, the computer to finish your homework first, or when you’re older and you need the car, this excuse can work a majority of the time and you know it’s your golden ticket.

5. You’re born with three jobs: chauffeur, babysitter and tutor

Mind you all of these job descriptions are non-paid. It’s just expected that you drive your siblings around the moment you get your license. When it comes to homework, you better believe you’re the one helping them with homework and assignments, and when your parents are working, going out, or just not around, you have to stay home and babysit them. Luckily, this is the only babysitting job you don’t have to be 100% attentive for, right?

6. Your punishments are worse than your siblings'

When you and your younger sibling decide to do something stupid together, it’s a given that you’ll get caught and get in trouble. However, the punishment that the two of you receive will more than likely not be the same. Because your sibling is younger and doesn’t know any better, it relates back to you having to take most of the blame. Which means your punishment is either more severe or longer.

7. You’ve convinced your siblings to believe something made up

In order to mess with them or to get what you want, you’ve made up some ridiculous story. Or have had to go along with something. I told ghost stories and tales of the boogeyman in order to get my brother to leave me alone. When I was old enough to know the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, it was my job to go along with it for my younger sibling and to make sure I didn’t ruin the magic for him. And if I did…all hell would break loose.

8. You get the brand new things. Your sibling gets the hand-me-downs

Because you’re the guinea pig child, you get the first of everything. You get the first back-to-school wardrobes, the first of the textbooks in school, and the first car even. Your sibling has to take down what’s yours and hardly has a choice in getting the new stuff.

9. Your siblings get to do things before you were able to

Did you get a cell phone in 8th grade? Your sibling will get one in 5th. You got your ears pierced at 13? Your sibling will get theirs at 10. It’s just the way it goes. By the time your siblings come around to wanting the same things you wanted, your parents don’t see the harm in letting them get it right then and there. Meanwhile, you had to beg and plead to get what you wanted, didn’t you?

10. You have a control freak tendency

Because you’re the oldest and you have had the most responsibility, it finally kicks in after a while and you start taking the initiative. As your younger sibling gets older and can start doing things for themselves, you end up taking control because you can get it done faster and more efficiently. This is a great trait, but it can be a nuisance when it comes to friend groups and significant others. They might think you’re too type A and you need to calm down. But you can’t help it, you’ve had to do it for years and you can’t just stop now.

If any of these relate to you, chances are you’re the oldest of your family. Although it may seem like being the oldest is a negative thing, there are a lot of perks to it. You’re more prepared for the real world, you get to take the lead on things, and you get to be a role model for the rest of your siblings. How great is that?

It goes without being said, but your parents are so thankful for you, as you’re kind of like their right-hand assistant. So flaunt it, and continue pulling the “I’m older” card. You deserve it!

Cover Image Credit: Cheyenne Wong

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