Orientation is something every student has to go through when first attending a new university. I went through orientation in the summer of 2013, and I was not excited at all. I did not want to attend the University of Nevada after living here my whole life. I woke up that day very grumpy about having to drive all the way to campus when I already knew about the school, but I wanted to be able to register for my classes so there was my motivator.

Every single one of you has been through orientation. So, my long story short -- the excitement radiating off of the out-of-state students and most especially, the orientation guides, radiated onto me. After orientation, I was so excited to attend the University of Nevada.

I want to thank the orientation guides for doing what they do for our great university.

1. Thank you for showing what it means to be a NEVADA student (#PackPride).

2. Thank you for being the best representatives for our school to the incoming freshmen and transfer students.

3. Thank you for getting students excited to come to the University of Nevada.

4. Thank you for explaining the basis of different traditions on campus.

5. Thank you for being cheerful every time you do orientation.

6. Thank you for telling students about different resources on campus.

7. Thank you for giving students clarity on various topics.

8. Thank you for making orientation fun and exciting.

9. Thank you for sharing your experiences as a NEVADA student.

10. Thank you for being our role models to younger students.

11. Thank you for pushing students to get involved in school.

12. Thank you for welcoming the future of the University of Nevada.