Second moms; we all have one. They are the greatest. Especially in your first year of college. From the extra love, laughs, the food... they are the extensions of our actual moms when we need just a little more motherly wisdom each and everyday.

To mine, here is a list of all of the things that I am forever grateful for. A list to which I'm sure everyone can relate:

The Food

From hot dogs, to walking tacos (my personal favorite) to the never-ending supply of Cheetos; thank you for always feeding me. The queen of care packages, I would have run out of peanut butter and my favorite candy this semester without you.

The Stories

Where all of the wisdom comes from. I love every single story. College stories, everyday stories, and so many life lessons. Many ten minute visits have turned into three hour conversations once the stories come out; I cherish every minute and every story.

The Laughs

Undoubtedly my favorite thing. Thank you for all of the laughs. From belly laughs, to small texts to just make me giggle a little. Even on the tough days, five minutes into a conversation I've most likely already laughed to the point of tears.

For Always Listening

For two hour long tearful phone calls, quick "heys," and the never ending questions... thanks for always answering the phone. (Or taking your spot at "the counter" whenever I need to talk.) When you say "call me anytime" you really do mean it; though we both know the magical time is at 10 am on Monday mornings.

For Just Being You

To sum up, you're really awesome. I never say it enough, but I hope my appreciation for everything you do never goes unnoticed. Though the food and the stories are important, most of all thank you for loving me like your own. I could never begin to explain how extremely blessed I am to have someone like you in my life.

Lots of love to you, Chatty Rose. ♡