High school swimming played an enormous role in helping me find my way back into the sport and really helped me understand why I love it so much.

I’d like to thank first and foremost my family. My mom, dad, and brother, for their unconditional support and love for me through my ups and downs through the sport. They will forever be my number one fans and supporters (also they had to pay for everything too).

Thank you to my teammates. Thank you guys for letting me be your captain, your friend, and part of another amazing family. Thank you to some of my best friends who have always been rooting for me even when they’re not physically there, and to Coach Haire and Coach North especially for taking care of me and watching me grow as an athlete and student.

I want to thank high school swimming for helping me understand that even though you still have to work hard and challenge yourself, you're still allowed to have fun.

I’d like to thank high school swimming for helping me understand that there’s a lot more to swimming than early mornings, painfully staring at a black line or drowning for multiple hours a day, but it’s those moments with the team that makes it so much more worth it.

This sport means so much to me but what made it count the most were the people I’ve met and the amazing memories and experiences that all made it worth it in the end. I may have won medals, ribbons, and plaques, gone to state and broke a team record, but I have gained even more by being a part of the most wonderful team out there.

I will forever treasure the everlasting memories I’ve built with my second family. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do all that I have done.